Sunday, August 24, 2014

A green & blue themed "sprinkle" for the mama-to-be!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to co-host a baby "sprinkle" for one of my very best friends. This is her third baby and second boy (in a row)! Because there isn't much you need by the time you get to your third baby-and second boy-we wanted to keep it small and intimate. There is a local restaurant that has a cute outdoor eating space that we were able to rent out for the party. This was at no cost! They put white tablecloths on the tables and we had a couch area that was perfect for gift opening.
Keeping with the intimate theme, we didn't want to go too overboard with décor. Just a few simple touches to make it feel special. We took one of the tables and set up a couple frames, a bowl of candy and delicious cupcakes. We also included two bags with prizes for the diaper raffle (pictured behind the frame on the left).
The banner is from Target and is super fun. I love it and will definitely save and re-use for another party!

An  inexpensive way to decorate is to frame pictures, sayings or even the invitation. Which, is what I did! Tissue paper can be used to add a splash of color to the centerpiece. The cupcake stand is from Costco. They carry it off and on, so if you can scoop it up while they have it, it's one of my favorite party pieces! It comes apart and becomes two cake stands, as well!

I made this cute picture on my computer and printed it out in a 5 X 7, framing in one of my favorite clay frames.

And I ordered the dozen cupcakes from a cute little shop in our town. Half were vanilla with strawberry filling and half were chocolate with pudding filling.

At almost every party, I like to frame the invite. It ties in the theme and is a simple way to decorate. Super cute!

And finally, because we weren't doing a traditional shower, we avoided games, but who doesn't need diapers?! I mean, really! Everyone who brought a pack was entered into the raffle and the two winners got Starbucks gift cards.

For the table centerpieces, I cut up limes and put them in vases with water (adding ice is really pretty, too). Hydrangeas straight from the yard are an easy way to fill them. Flowers from the local Farmer's market work great, too. Unfortunately, as I was stopping for those flowers, I hit a car while parallel parking, and my plans were thwarted. Shoot!

And nothing completes a celebration like great people. In the left picture, we are standing with the beautiful mama to be. Not fair that she doesn't even look pregnant and is having a baby in just over 3 weeks.
On the right are some of the girls in attendance. We've been friends for about 22 years and have 15 kids between us!! Always fun to reconnect.
Baby "sprinkles" can be an easy way to celebrate moms that aren't on their first baby. Easy décor, fun atmosphere and good friends make it perfect!

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