Monday, August 25, 2014

A peek into our home--Molly's bedroom

If you are anything like me, when reading blogs, I like to skim the text and look at all the pictures. My favorite pictures are the ones where I can look around at peoples homes. Not in a creepy way, but I LOVE looking at houses! It's one of my favorite things to do. In my other lifetime, I'm going to be a real estate agent. ;-)

So, I thought I'd do a series of house pictures, so you can see glimpses of where we live. I'm starting with our 2-year old's room. Honestly, I'm starting here because it's one of the only rooms that is pretty consistently clean. Except when she has friends over and feels the need to pull out every princess dress and article of clothing in her dress-up closet. Ahem. As a disclaimer, her bed is rarely made. Listen, she is a napping girl and the idea of making a bed twice a day is too much for this mama to handle. But, for the sake of the pictures, I did make her bed. You're welcome.

Without further ado.....I present Molly's sweet little nursery, turned big girl bedroom.

We just moved her into a "big girl bed" early this summer and the transition has gone okay. She went from going right to sleep at night, to now asking for 3249832749 things before sleeping. But, I can't complain because once she's out, she's pretty much out for the night.
This pretty daybed belonged to my sister when she was little. It has a trundle bed underneath that pops up and I know she'll be excited to have friends over for sleepovers sometime soon!

I love this sign and ordered them for both girls from a cute little store called Sugar Babies.

This is one side of her closet (she actually has the smallest closet out of everyone in our house, but shhhh, don't tell her!). For now, I'm storing all of her books in the bottom half. It works great and keeps them out of sight. Most of her clothes go in the dresser because I only hang dresses.

All of her bedding and curtains are from Target's shabby chic line. I'm pretty much obsessed. I haven't finished doing all of her pillows yet. Soon you'll learn about  my throw pillow obsession, too.

This is the wall collage about her dresser. I was just looking closely at it today, while snapping these pictures and realized it's probably time to update some of the pics.

She doesn't have a ton of toys in her room, but the Fisher Price Princess Castle is a favorite and one I keep up there. Especially because those little princesses are easy to lose! My dad and I made the dress up closet out of an old dresser for her 2nd birthday last year. It's been her absolute, #1 thing she plays with in our house. Dressing up is what she does best. The sweet rocking horse was a hand-me-down gift from our neighbors.

Here's a closer look at the dress-up closet. I lined the inside with a pretty pink and white contact paper and left the bottom drawer for all of her accessories. I'd planned to pain the words "Dress Up" on the front, but I haven't exactly gotten to that task yet. Soon! Maybe.

This room has been the perfect space for our Molly. She is so girly that I really think we couldn't have planned it better. Brylie's nursery is completely different and it's funny how hers seems to fit her personality, as well. Can't wait to show you that space, soon! Especially because we just got rid of the changing table. Baby, no more!

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  1. Really cute room. I have 2 girls myself so I'm partial to girly rooms.