Thursday, August 14, 2014

A pink lemonade party

I love birthdays. I'll probably say it on this blog 46378748392 times, but I really love birthdays. And my friends who know me well, can appreciate my love for these special days. Months before each of my kids' birthdays, I start planning a theme. Thank goodness for Pinterest, because I don't know how I'd do without, these days! I start pinning like mad and pretty soon, a plan comes up. My youngest daughter turned one in June. Sometime, mid-winter, I saw some super cute ideas for a "Pink Lemonade" birthday party and I just knew it would be fun! And, when you live in WA, you celebrate anytime you can have an outdoor party! My other kiddos were born in cold weather months and I cannot take advantage of the weather. Of course, the day of her party it was a cool 68 degrees (when the weekend before it was in the 80's), but I can't complain because there was no rain.
Here are some of the details from her party. I had someone on Etsy design these super cute invites. And then I ran a few ideas across my ultra crafty sister-in-law. And that's how it all started.

I wanted it to be a little whimsical and fun...not just straight forward pink with lemons. The paper circle garlands were the exact look I was going for. Adding in detail was one of my favorite parts. It's amazing what you can do with a little scrapbook paper, scissors, glue and ribbon. I also found a clearance bin of frames from JoAnn's and spent less than $20 on 5 nice ones that I knew I could reuse around the house when the party was done.


The sweets were my favorite part of the party! I wish I could take more credit for them, but my amazingly talented mom did most of it. It started with just cupcakes. But, anyone who knows my mom, knows that she doesn't do JUST cupcakes. I mean. C'mon! They were lemon cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting and then the adorable little chewy lemons on top. I could eat an entire jar of those things. Addicting!! As if that weren't enough, she decided to do rice krispy treats on a stick, so little ones would have an easier dessert to eat. She simply made thin rice krispy treats, when cooled, dipped them in the colored milk chocolate (found at JoAnn's or any other craft store) and then sprinkled with clear sprinkles. Once they dried, we tied ribbons around the base of the rice krispy treat. And aren't those stands amazing!? She found them at _____. I found a couple glass containers around my house and added hard lemon candy and pink chewy candy, for color and something fun to snack on.

Framing the invitation is an easy to way to tie the theme in. And check out one of my cute clearance frames. Score!

The actual lemonade stand didn't turn out exactly as planned, but it worked! First of all, it was pretty windy the day of the party, so most of my tablecloths were blowing around. My sister volunteered to make two different types of lemonade for the parry. Bless her heart. The first is a traditional strawberry lemonade and the second was a kiwi lemonade. Ideally, I'd have matching drink dispensers, but the perfectionist side of me had to let go. I found the pink paper straws at JoAnn's and then used real lemons to fill the glass jar. The bunting was made from string and extra scrapbook paper I had from making the banner across our back garage. I also grabbed the hanging chalkboard off of our front porch and used it for the stand.

I knew that I needed color for our back garage, so I created this fun paper banner with paper and string. I made a stencil and then simply traced it on a bunch of different fun scrapbook paper from JoAnn's. I scored a great deal when it was 5 for $1, so it was a really inexpensive d├ęcor item and it turned out exactly like I planned!

Because the cake smash is an important part of the first birthday, I needed to spice up her high chair. It's already busy with flowers, so I didn't want to do too much, but a simple little bunting with the leftover scraps, was exactly what it needed.

More free printables found online. It's amazing what you can find when you put something into "google".

This is one of my favorite little chalkboards. I used it for a bridal shower I threw a few weeks before this party, too. I used my handy dandy chalkboard markers and wrote her birth stats.

Her cake was made by my sister and sadly, I didn't take a picture of it, alone. It was so cute and I absolutely loved the hot pink frosty. Perfect for our girl! Brylie enjoyed it, but ate timidly. Who are these kids?! I have yet to have a child absolutely devour their cake. Usually, I have to force it into their mouth and rub it on their cheeks to make it look like the traditional cake smash. Obviously, they didn't inherit my innate desire to smash a cake into my face. Ha!

And a quick family pic before everyone ran off to play.

Birthday party success! Here I am, sporting my Stitch Fix look and Brylie is wearing a darling Target dress and cardigan.
And now I can take a deep breath! My 4 kids birthdays all fall within 6 months of eachother (from December to June), so now I get my 6 month break before the planning starts back up again. :-)

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