Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bedtime drama

Can we just take a moment to talk about my least favorite part of the day? Yes, that would be bedtime. Awhile back, I mentioned my distain for the "witching hour", but bedtime is about to drive me to my wit's end. And I'll happily accept any and all pieces of advice regarding getting my children (mostly my dearest 2-year old) to GET IN BED AND STAY IN BED go to bed without complaint.
Without fail, bedtime is what brings out every ailment, hunger pang, thirst, complaint, question and excuse in my children. With. out. fail.

Our bedtime routine looks a little something like this.....
go potty, brush teeth, read a story (or two), scratch back, music on, me leaving
5 minutes later: "Moooooooommmmmmm, I'm thirsty." "Mooooooooom, I'm scared." "Moooooooom, I'm hungry." "Mooooooom, I need to tell you something." "Mooooooooom, I don't like the song on my music."
I think you get the point.
It all started when we took the crib out of her room at the beginning of the summer, and she discovered the freedom that she had. I think things are even more difficult with 2 older brothers who are still awake (and noisy, no matter how much we try to keep them quiet). Add to that, the sunlight outside, and it's a recipe for disaster.
This is what mommy looks like after 20 minutes of dealing with bedtime antics! Not kidding.
I've read article after article about how to keep your toddler in bed, how to create a peaceful bedtime routine, etc. I feel like I've reached the end of the Internet on this issue and we can't seem to find an answer.
Letting her cry isn't an option because she'll wake up her baby sister. Another piece of advice says to praise them for success. Oh boy do we do that. I don't think she cares. In fact, we've even offered her a new Barbie if she can go to bed without asking for one thing. She always says, "okay, sure, I want a pink Barbie." That is until she "gets hungry" and suddenly, "I dont' really want a new Barbie, anyway".
Tonight put me at the end of my rope. Having just tucked her in and dealt with her screaming sister (who has had a little separation anxiety with my returning to work meetings the past two days), I sat down on the couch with some frozen chocolate chips. Don't judge. Only to hear, "we've got a problem up her mom!". Oh geez. What?!
"I've got to take a HUGE _____  <insert alternative and inappropriate word for poop>!"
Excuse me?! I'm embarrassed to even admit she yelled this and I'm guessing she overheard someone once and picked up on it. She picks up on everything! But this was one of those moments where I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.
I'm choosing to find some humor in the situation. I texted a few girlfriends about it. Laughed a little. Ate some more frozen chocolate chips. And settled down for the night, waiting for the hubster to get home from practice. At which point I can have a chat with him about his choice in language around our daughter.
Kidding. Sort of.


  1. Putting my daughters to bed at the same time has actually helped them both to go to sleep better. Yes, there are nights when they keep themselves awake too long because they're playing or laughing. But more often than not they go to sleep within 15 minutes. Something else I've done to eliminate the unending requests after I've turned out the light is to fulfill them before-hand. So a small drink of water is part of the routine now. Learning to 'let go' and refuse to wait on them hand and foot during bedtime has also helped. "Mom.. I'm hungry." "Sorry kiddo, you can eat again at breakfast." "Mom, I don't like this song." "Sorry kiddo, the next one will be on soon. You can wait that long." -- And that's if I choose to answer them at all. Eventually, my matter-of-fact answers aren't enough to satisfy and they give up trying. My husband is much better at this than I am (it's a Dad vs. Mom thing I think).. but they've really done a lot better since I've adopted the "Sorry kiddo" phrase. I'm WAY less interesting than I used to be. --- Also.. my 2 yo's bed is covered in toys... sometimes she wants to draw (yay magnadoodle!).. sometimes it's ponies.. sometimes it's her baby doll.. and there's always a book or two to look through. This lets her quiet her mind and get sleepy on her own. And this has become part of *her* routine. Good luck Kelly!! I'm right there with you!! <3

  2. Oh momma I feel your pain. My 6.5 year old is my problem child when it comes to bedtime :( but I laughed long and hard at the "poop" comment

    1. Aren't kids hilarious!!? And good luck to you, too! When you figure it all out, please let me know! ;-)