Friday, August 15, 2014

Day trip to Seattle

One of the best parts about summer is that I'm married to a teacher. I grew up with parents who were teachers, too, so the thought of working during the summer is foreign to me. I mean, doesn't everyone have summers off?!?
And, my hubby is pretty much on board for my need for adventure, so we often take the kids to do crazy, fun things with little to no warning. This particular day, we woke up and decided to head into Seattle for the day. Not even sure what we would do, but the weather was gorgeous and we knew that we didn't want to sit at home all day.
First stop, Starbucks. What's a day in Seattle without it?

The drive into the city is so pretty. Especially when it's not rush hour!

Our first stop was Dick's to get lunch, and then we headed straight to GasWorks park for a picnic. What we didn't anticipate was that the entire park would be filled with volunteers setting up for the "Obliteride" (a bike race to raise money for cancer awareness). There were probably 100 workers setting up stages, booths, porta-potties, etc. Which left little room for us to sit. We managed to find a spot on a small hill and the kids had a blast eating, running around and watching the boats go by.
We even attempted a family selfie. Um, fail. Sorry, Adam!

These two middles are my free spirited ones. When they see any wide open space, it's like an invitation for them to run like the wind. I tell you, they could do this ALL DAY LONG if we let them!

And because I really wanted one good family pic, we stopped this sweet lady to see if she would take it. Her first question...."are all these kids yours???". Ha! Yep! She chuckled and said, " are brave!"

More like, crazy!

After the park, we headed up to Queen Anne to gaze at the amazingly gorgeous houses....and then find a fun park for the kids to run around.
And just like that, our day was over and we had sleepy kids who needed naps. I'm so thankful for unplanned, spontaneity that keeps summer fun and exciting for our kids. Creating memories with our little family is one of my favorite things to do. Kids may not remember gifts, but I'm praying they remember these moments.
What do you do, as family, to create memories?


  1. I cannot wait to move to the West Coast!!

  2. The West Coast cannot wait to have you! =)

  3. I went to Seattle Pacific University and lived out there for all 4 years and my first year of marriage. Makes me miss it!

  4. Small world! And as you know, this is the most beautiful place to be at this time of year! September in Seattle is my favorite!