Friday, August 22, 2014

Fashion Friday--The "playdate" look

One of my sweet friends, and blog readers asked if I would do a "Fashion Friday" for moms, with ideas on what to wear to the park or on playdates. I get stuck in a rut with this, sometimes, too. For me, dressing for work is easy, but when it comes to casual clothes that are comfortable enough to chase kids down, but a little dressier than the lounge at home look, it's hard! I totally get it.
For this, I found 4 tops in my closet and showed how to wear them 3 different ways. I tried to stick with the time of year, a transition into fall, keeping in mind temps are still warm, but can be chilly early morning and late night. Some of the items I've had awhile, so it's doubtful the stores carry them anymore, but if you see something on here that you want more info about, I'm happy to check! Just let me know.
This goldenrod top (from Target) is a favorite of mine! It's longer than your average shirt and I really love the fit and the buttons down the front. It's great for layering or wearing alone. Because it's still pretty warm out, I didn't show layering options, but I definitely will this fall! It's super cute with jean shorts. I just got these at H & M for $9.99! Totally worth it! I have a super old necklace on (not even sure the designer...sorry!) and I'm wearing gladiator sandals from Target. Another great buy!
To change it up, you could add a heavier necklace, this one is from Fuego, and pair with jean capris and gladiator sandals. Finally, the warmest look would be the jeans. Remember these from my last Stitch Fix box?? I added a cute scarf and some gold Target flats. Totally changes the look. And really, gold is the perfect fall color!

This next top is probably my favorite in my entire closet! It's a very, very thin almost sweatshirt like material, but has a more elegant feeling. If that makes any sense at all! I paired it with some white Calvin Klein shorts that I've had for a few years and added grey Toms. If you don't have these, I'd suggest getting a pair. Not only do they donate a pair to children in Africa, for every pair you purchase, but they are super comfortable and versatile.
For a warmer look, more fall-ish, I paired with gold jeans. Once again, thank you stitch fix! I could have paired with any of my colored jeans, really. I think red would be super, duper cute! Oh, and my crafty sister in law made this scarf for me.
The final look is a pair of black leggings. These are from Target and I LOVE them! I also love the Zella ones, too. I think this type of outfit is great if you are going somewhere you know you're going to be on the move a lot...aka toddler gym, a children's museum, etc. I'd either do grey Toms or my Nike's.

This grey tank is another staple in my closet. I got it a few years ago from Forever 21 and love the detailed flowers around the neckline. I'm wearing it with coral jeans that I cuffed. These were from my first Stitch Fix box. I also am wearing it with white skinnies and a pink cardigan. I think I have a love affair with cardigans. I may or may not own 15+. Oops. Any bright color would be fun. Finally, I added a scarf. I looooove scarfs! Truth be told, they can be worn at any time of year. Although you can't see the detail on the tank, it gives this top a new look.
The light wash jean shorts in the last picture are also a summer staple. They are from Target and have gotten the most wear of any item I own. Love the fit and they are so comfy!

The last top I'm featuring is this pink sweatshirt from H & M. I got it a couple weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to wear it because we've had such warm weather! It comes in several different colors and I love how versatile it is. I didn't show it with any jewelry, but you could really dress it up with a long chain necklace.
To me, this is the quintessential "playdate" look. Comfy, casual, but cute! I have on my Jolt jean capris from Nordstrom. I got them two years ago and they've worn really well. I'm also wearing the top with the H & M shorts from above. Finally, when it gets cold, it can be paired with a fun scarf. This leopard print is from Target and is so warm! I have on my Silver Nordstrom jeans in the final picture. Pairing with a long tank underneath can completely change the look, too. I'm wearing a Romy charcoal grey tank, but white, light grey, teal or black would be cute, too! I heard that Romy is going out of business and I might cry. Seriously, I own at least 10 Romy tanks and wear one underneath my clothes nearly every single day.
Happy Friday. I hope you have an AMAZING weekend! Look for a fun blog post coming fashionable sister-in-law is taking me thrifting and we are finding some cute deals!!!

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