Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kid's chores

My two school age boys, (entering 1st and 3rd this year) are plenty old enough to help around the house. The problem during the school year is that we are so busy that it's hard to be consistent....but summer is perfect! I was so excited to get chores started again that I think it was the first morning of summer when I I made my first list. I should have been all fancy and created a chore chart of Pinterest. But instead, I grabbed a piece of construction paper, a couple colored markers and made one by hand. I do have my 2-year old daughter on here, only because she likes to feel included. And starting her at a young age, no matter how easy the task, will hopefully create good habits!
This chart hangs on the fridge and I change it out each morning. I thought about having assigned chores that were the same each day, but they tend to get bored with it and will complain. I have a list of about 15 chores and I just rotate through them. Each morning, they take a look at their list (usually 3 chores each) and know that they have to complete them if they want electronic time later. And if they complain, it's simple, no electronics! Believe me, the first time they don't get to watch TV, play kindle or wii (after 6pm), they learn! I find that they play so hard during the day, that they need this time to relax and unwind at night. Usually it's after dinner.

Here's an example of a chart:

These are some of the chores that I have my boys rotate through:

-unload dishwasher
-take out garbage
-take out recycling bin (we keep this in our pantry and have them empty it about 1-2 times a week)
-wipe down bathroom countertops
-empty bathroom garbages
-clean up wii/TV room
-clean bedroom
-collect dirty laundry and bring to laundry room
-water plants
-dust family & living room
-take sheets off bed and bring them to laundry room
-sweep back patio
-pick up all toys off family room floor and put back in correct places

Easy chore ideas for our 2-year old:

-put toys back in toy bin
-pick up books and put them back on bookshelf
-dust furniture (I give her our duster and let her wipe off countertops)
-put dinner clothes in hamper
-pick up a few toys in the backyard
-put plastic cups in drawer

What chores are your kiddos doing? I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. Easy Peasy chore is to have the older two help fold and put away their laundry in the correct drawers:)

  2. How do you teach them to fold well? I've tried this many times and been so frustrated by the wrinkled, messy folding (followed by shoving in closet--we have closet organizers), that I gave up. Please share your tips!

  3. We have found it is hard to teach folding so we have our girls hang up most of their clothes except pants. They sort and put away all of their landary (and now their baby sisters). I have also had to let go of the fact that they are not always going to be neat about putting away their pants, underwear, socks, and PJs :)

  4. I really should have considered that when designing the boys' closet systems! They have all of these great shelves within reach, but the hanging bar is way out of reach for both of them. Even I have to stand on my tippy toes to put things up there. I end up just hanging dress shirts. I love that idea, though! I bet it helps so much!

  5. When we put the girls closet organizers in we out two bars a low and high. The high has coats and dresses. Shirts are on the bottom. We also got a step stool for them to reach the high stuff. It really does help and it something that I feel has really helped them to see that they don't need to put every piece of clothing in their hamper because they will need to hang it up or put it away later :)