Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet my kids

The most defining moment in my life, without a doubt, was the day my oldest son was born. I grew up loving to play with dolls, teaching school to my younger siblings, babysitting and holding any baby I could get my hands on. However, I never, ever realized how much I would completely and madly love my own kids. Being a mom has been the most rewarding job I've ever had. I love teaching (part-time) and enjoy feeling a sense of freedom and connection with both adults and teenagers...something that I don't get at home. But, being a mom is the most important job I have. Don't get me wrong, it's the most difficult by far! In fact, I almost feel a sense of guilt as I pull out of my driveway in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, and silence in my ear. Teaching is my stress relief and outlet. Once I get home, there are no breaks and never silence. Ever! But, it's the job that I love the most.

So without further ado...here they are!

Jake is our oldest. He's 9 and in THIRD GRADE this year. I think I just shed a tear. He's responsible, hard working, super smart and incredibly athletic. He's your typical first born. Although he's not old enough yet, he'll be the best babysitter. I often have him watch the younger kids while I shower, get chores done around the house or need to make a phone call. He's been that way from day one. An easy child that is mature beyond his years. He's one that I never have to worry about in a parent/teacher conference...I know that it will go well! His biggest love is the Huskies and his main goal in life is to play football for UW. We've encouraged him to have goals beyond football, but I have no doubt that if his future career doesn't include playing professional sports, it will be working in the business somehow. Sports analyst, announcer, coach, athletic director....something. His love for sports is THAT intense. He's pretty great and we're pretty blessed by him.

Brett is our middle boy. He's 6.5 and entering FIRST GRADE! I thank God daily for him. He's the polar opposite of his older brother and has challenged us far beyond what we thought possible, but the love and admiration for him is indescribable. First of all, his smile. It's the best. He is creative, silly, imaginative and fun loving. I wasn't sure how he would do in school, because he never wanted to sit much as a young child. Much to our surprise, he did so great in Kindergarten! He had the best teacher and she spoke so highly of him. He's become a fanatic reader and is really, really good at that. Although, Brett's greatest love is cooking. This summer he asked us to send him to chef camp, so we did! He's learning how to read recipes, measure and bake. My parents got him his own set of cooking utensils, a personalized apron & hat and some cook books, so he's been reading them and working on them. I can't wait until he can start cooking for us, regularly. He wants his own cooking show someday. Or to be on MasterChef. Set your goals high, buddy! He really is so helpful for me because he's a great playmate to his younger sisters and they absolutely adore him!

Meet Molly. She's 2.5.....going on 12. For serious, this girl doesn't seem just two. When people meet her, they are shocked when I tell them her age. Her vocabulary and maturity is well beyond her age. She's so articulate and funny. Sitting down and having a conversation with her is one of my very favorite things to do. I can totally go out to coffee with her and feel like I'm going out with a friend. She loves all things girly. Princesses, dress up, make up, nails, shopping, you name it. But, she also has no problem getting dirty in the sandbox, climbing the big toy or playing basketball with her brothers. She's the perfect mix of sugar and spice. I don't feel like I really got to enjoy her as my youngest for very long because I got pregnant just before she turned 10 months old. Eeek! I still cuddle her up and kiss her like she's my baby, though. And she lets me...for now!

Our baby, our angel pie, our Brylie. She turned one in June and she's the best. I think God knew we needed an easy one for our fourth and easy she is! I can't remember a day where she wasn't all smiles. Even through teething and colds and travel and chaos. We often call her "Smiley Brylie". She loves to be held and cuddled all. day. long. Believe me when I say, it's the best. She's mostly a busy toddler right now. She started walking towards the end of May and is in to EVERYTHING. Taking toys out of the basket, plastic dishes out of the drawers, markers and crayons out of the art supply bin, etc. And she hasn't quite mastered cleaning them up yet. We're working on it. Ha! But sitting on our laps, being read to, or just kissed on, is what she likes best. Oh, and she's a total mama's girl. Yep. I love it.

I can't complete this section without mentioning our two angel babies. I had two miscarriages and went through the darkest time in my life. Someday I'll write about it. But, when people say "how many kids do you have?", although my response is "4", in my heart, I know it's "6". Cannot wait to hold them again in heaven, someday!

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