Thursday, August 28, 2014

My beauty routine....or lack thereof!

I need some help, friends! As much as I love clothes and getting dressed up (don't get me wrong, I live in sweats and workout clothes, half the time, too), the area that I lack is in my beauty products. I have a few pieces of make-up that I love, but the rest is really what I can pick up, quickly, at the grocery store.

Let's start with hair. I'm pretty picky about the products that I use, because, let's be honest, my hair requires a lot to look good. I was not one of those lucky girls who does the "wash and go". My idea of wash and go is throwing my hair in a pony tail on days that I don't wash it. I try to wash every other day to keep it healthier, but when I wash, I also blow-dry, straighten and hair spray.

This is hands-down, my favorite shampoo and conditioner.

I have to get it at a beauty supply store, but it's well worth it! I keeps my hair moisturized without being oily and it doesn't weigh it down at all.

After I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, I use this product on my hair. I rub it into my scalp, but it gives me the perfect amount of volume after I blow dry. I believe it has some heat protectant product in it, too.

After blow drying, I straighten my hair with the chi. BEST STRAIGHTENER EVER. I don't know how I lived without it for so long! I wish I was one of those girls who could wash and go...walking away with ridiculously gorgeous and straight locks. I do have a friend like that....and if she's reading, she knows exactly who she is! ;-)
But if you are like me, and need a flat iron, this is the one to get!

The final part of my hair routine is to spray everything to hold it in place. I've been using Big Sexy Hairspray for about 10 years and every time I try something else, I'm not as happy. Because I don't have a ton of hair, this is one of the only products that actually holds it all in place and gives me some much needed volume. is done. On to make-up. I'm pretty low maintenance and honestly, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do my make-up each day. Some of you beauty experts are probably cringing. And trust me, if I knew how to do things better, I probably would. But, really, I'm typically in a rush, rarely going somewhere fancy and just need the basics to get me buy. Here are my favorite products, but I'm am 100% open to suggestions! I've been seeing a lot about those new mascara products, and I'd love to give one a shot. Just haven't taken the plunge.
I start my "make-up"routine with this facial lotion. I absolutely love it! I put on, let it dry for a couple minutes and then put my make-up directly over it. It doesn't cause me to break-out and it isn't overly oily on my skin. I use the medium skin-tone tint and I love that it gives me a little glow, year round.
If I could pick my #1  make-up essential, it would be this:
Funny how I never wore concealer before having kids! In fact, it wasn't until a few years ago that I would even care to spend a lot of money on a concealer product because it wasn't that important. After 4 kids, lots of sleepless nights and busy days, it is an absolute must-have in my make-up bag! Instead of being dry and really white-ish, like many of the other products I've tried, this one goes on slippery and glossy and my face make-up can be applied right over the top. It has a perfect tint to it and really does a great job getting rid of the bags. And no, I'm not being endorsed by any of these products. Just trying to help a mama out! I mean, who has time to do research on beauty products?? Usually I'm running down the make-up isle at Fred Meyer, quickly grabbing whatever I can find!
And this, my friends, is my current favorite mascara! I know I haven't tried the fiber ones, but if you want something inexpensive that works, try this! It applies evenly, I don't have to do 32423463 coats, like some of the others and I feel like it adds fullness. I wear the black/brown color and have been using it at least 6 months without switching to a different product. Which says a lot, for me!
This is probably where I need the biggest change. I've been wearing this foundation since college and I have yet to find something I like better. I used to use the Clinique foundation, but I found it to be a little bit to dry for my skin. This is pretty moist and thanks to the face lotion I put on before my make-up, I feel like my skin doesn't get dry at all. I use the "Soft Honey" color, which is a pretty tan color (thank you, Norwegian skin), but they have about 8 different shades to choose from.
And like I said, I don't always pick the highest quality products, but this bronzer has been great for me for the past few years. I use a really round, fat make-up brush and use this just on my cheekbones each day. I've been really happy with the results.
My final make-up piece is for my lips. I'm not a big lipstick fan. Feel free to let me know if I need to be. But, for now, I much prefer gloss. Bath & Body Works has a product that I really like. The gloss is pretty thick and stays on well. I hate putting on gloss and feeling like it's gone 10 minutes later. Usually I reapply several times throughout the day, especially after eating, but this stuff lasts! And tastes amazing, too. I prefer gloss that has a light pink tinge to it, but there are several shades that have more brown, too.
So there you have it! My beauty routine! What works for you? What do I need to try? Please educate me, friends!!

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  1. I love BB creams... I don't use foundation with it. I love the Physician's Formula one. I also like their Super BB powder. I also love argan oil as a facial moisturizer... it sounds like it would clog pores but doesn't, and is supposed to be super anti-aging too. VS tinted lip gloss... Also, I have tried the fiber lashes and I think they are ok, but too much time to use for me to do daily - I have also had issues with it flaking off, and I really hate finding it on my cheeks and wondering how long I walked around like that :) For hair, bumble and bumble brilliantine is my fave finisher... a pea size for my whole head, and mostly just the ends, but it makes shine and dimension.