Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stitch Fix

If you're anything like me, going shopping for clothing (especially while towing 4 kids along) is a daunting task. I used to spend hours at the mall perusing the racks, getting great deals and having this fashionable and fun wardrobe. Four kids (and 9 years) later, that just doesn't happen. Usually if I'm at the mall, I've got a double stroller, a tight time frame and a limited budget. Sounds fun, huh?! That was until I discovered this awesome website where you get your own personal shopper who uses your style (and even inspiration from your Pinterest boards) to select clothing to send to you. Say what? This is a dream come true! The best part? It only costs $20 for the service and if you decide to keep any of the clothes, the $20 is applied to that item. If you decide to return any of the items, it's free shipping! What. A. Deal.
 My first shipment arrived at the beginning June and I'm gonna be honest, I was super nervous to open it. But once I did, I couldn't' have been more pleased. I loved it all. Like, super duper loved it...it was SO me and so perfect! Here are the 5 items I received.

After trying it all on, every item fit perfectly, so I decided to keep it all. The best part was that I got a 25% discount on the box for keeping it all. Well, hello! I'm not gonna lie, the clothes aren't cheap (it was $210 for the entire box), but the quality is excellent. These aren't Old Navy & Target quality...which is where I normally get my clothes. This is high end department store quality. Pieces that I'm sure will last a long time and have already become staples in my closet. I really love that some of the items are things I wouldn't have picked out on my own, and yet, they've become my favorites.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription, but I opted to have mine every other month. For now. My next shipment arrives in a couple weeks and I'm already looking forward to it. Just in time for some new pieces before school starts! I'll be sure to share my box on here!

If you're interested in trying this out, click here. Once you get your first box, be sure to share out your link because for every referral, you get $25! It's like getting your box for free each time. What a deal.

Now, go check it out!

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