Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer recap

I cannot believe today is the last day of August. What a summer it's been! I know many states start school in August, but around here, Labor Day weekend symbolizes the last hurrah before the start of the new school year.

At the end of each month, I'll try to recap what my family has been up to. But, because this blog isn't even a month old yet, I've got all of these fun pics from the entire summer, so I'm going to share them with you. Because, well, the truth is, they'll sit on my hard drive if I don't post them somewhere!

Summer started, literally (the day after school got out), with this girl's 1st birthday!

A local festival, downtown. And corn dogs....always corn dogs!

We had lots of summer bike rides. This particular one was at 6:30am. After being up since 5am.
Those were not my favorite.

We spent hours playing on the backyard playset. I had to include this picture because I said we were doing silly faces and of, course, he chose to look all cute. Nice, Brett.

Summer play dates.

One of about 5 trips to the zoo. This is my crew of monkeys.

She was sure stylin' all summer long.

Backyard fire truck rides were a nightly occurrence.

And walks. Lots of walks.

I had individual dates with each of the kids. This was right before Molly and I left for the evening. She was SO excited!
Our first family vacation of the summer. Molly was having nothing to do with a group pic.

When you are in a hotel room and the kids are all up early, you get to the park by 7am.

Molly's first flower girl gig.

To say that she was excited, would be a complete understatement. Girlfriend was in her glory all night!

Baby wearing at its finest.

Swimming with cousins.

The kids participated in the library's summer reading program.

And more parks....

Our neighborhood 4th of July bike parade.

What's the 4th of July with s'mores?!

We spent the summer playing with cousins. Sometimes Molly is the only girl and so she wants to fit in with her brothers and boy cousins. ;-)

Daddy's football camp is always a highlight!
The girls and I have fun at camp, too.

More playdates with friends.

Is there a more gorgeous backdrop for football camp??

Look who caught a homerun ball at the Mariner's game?!

We both caught balls at the game. Lucky night!

Spent the day at the state capitol.

And many summer nights finding places to eat. Mostly, to get out of the heat!

We love having great neighbors!


Vacation #2 was on the beach in Lincoln City, OR.

There were 5 families....10 adults and 14 kids. All in one house!

How cute is this crew?!

Gorgeous trip!
We had several visits to the Farmer's Market.

And stocked up on fresh, local produce. Our favorite!

We also had a summer full of birthday parties!

And baths. And matching jammies.

More trips to the zoo.

We celebrated Brett's 1/2 birthday on August 1st. We find a reason to celebrate everything.

I paddle boarded for the first time. Definitely trying this again sometime!

We found a local place to pick blueberries. For free. All summer long!!

See how excited they were?!

Our summer was full of spontaneous day trips.

And more playdates with friends. This time at a farm. How fun!

Can you tell she's got famer genetics?! Her pakka would be so proud!

Spent the day in our beautiful city.

I can't believe how much they grew, this summer.

Playing in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

Prepping for vacation #3, we needed manis and pedis. Naturally.

And because I already did a full post about this vacation, click HERE, I'll just post one. But, this trip was the best!!!

Husky picture day and this boy couldn't have been more excited to get a pic with the new head coach. Go Dawgs!

A neighborhood BBQ in our backyard, followed by a movie night.

More park visits.

And a walk around a soon-to-be world famous golf course (hosting the PGA tour next summer).

Here was my date for the day....doing a little back-to-school shopping!

The kids pretty much lived in our sandbox all summer long. As evidenced by the sand all over our kitchen floor and mostly at the bottom of our bathtub.

Backyard basketball and scooter races.
And LOTS more sand.

We had fun at the beach, with our friends.

A fun date night with these two boys.

And rounding out our summer with a visit here.

Followed by an afternoon shopping trip with this boy.

And really, it wouldn't be Washington without some rain, to round out our summer of fun.
You know what's weird...I was excited about it. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in the middle of November. But for now, I'm looking forward to cooler temps, fall candles, sweats, football games and pumpkins.
While we had a great summer...... I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!!!!

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