Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Vacay!

I live for vacations! And this particular one is not only a favorite, but a tradition we started with our kids 6 years ago....and it's still going strong. Silverwood Theme Park, just outside of Coeur de'Alene, ID is awesome. If you haven't been before, you gotta go!
Because temps were supposed to be in the 100's and a water park and theme park aren't conducive to babies, we opted to leave Brylie with my parents and just take our big 3. Just. Ha!
Road trip started at 5am. Can I get an Amen for Starbucks?! And we were off! Can't beat the stunning views that we had while driving East over the mountains.

6 hours after we started, we had arrived. And just in time for the park to open. We were off and didn't miss a beat.

Water was the theme of the day. When it's 100 degrees +, it's the best way to stay cool!




Because we had been up since 4:30am, as soon as 6pm rolled around, we were all wiped and decided to get food on the way back to the hotel. But funny how it works, just as soon as we'd set our bags down in the hotel room, our kids were begging to go swimming in the pool. Say what?! Didn't they get the memo that mommy and daddy are beat and can hardly function? Thankfully, I'm married to a pretty awesome guy who offered to get in the pool with the kids and let me relax in a lounge chair. Thanks, honey!

 Want me to share a little secret for sleeping 3 kids in a hotel bed? Turn the bed horizontally and push it against the wall. The kids are short, so the length is fine, but they have more space between themselves.
Because the park doesn't open until 11am, we spent the morning at Lake Coeur de'Alene. This is a favorite spot in the area and the play structure is so incredible. Wish I would have done a better job snapping pictures.

We opened the park right at 11am and nearly closed it that night, when we rushed out in a freak thunderstorm.

Best buy in Silverwood? THIS ice cream cone. It's the size of Molly's head. And yes, I ate most of it by myself!

This brave girl did every ride in the park (where she qualified with her height). The Thunder Canyon is on a river raft in rapids....she screamed, giggled and yelled "again!" the whole time. And we ALL got absolutely soaked.



A late, late dinner in town during the thunderstorm. Sis was wiped.

The last day of our vacation was spent in Spokane and Ellensburg, before heading home.

And one last shot of the gorgeous scenery in Gorge, WA. Love, love, love it!!!

That was our third and final vacation of the summer and I'm sad and nostalgic looking back on all of the pictures. Creating memories is a big responsibility, as a parent. They don't even have to be elaborate. But, memories are all you'd have when you are older. Even a simple backyard campout will do. Don't look back with regret that you waited to long to do this!


  1. And with 3, you'll soon need to do it! It sure beats having someone sleeping on the floor! =)