Friday, September 19, 2014

Fashion Friday--My new, favorite booties!

I'm so happy it's Friday and I'm even happier that after a LONG search, I finally found the perfect booties!!!
There are many fashion trends that I don't catch on to quickly. In fact, sometimes I'll wait until the trend has been around for months before I take a leap. But, I gotta be honest, the first time I saw someone wearing booties, I knew I'd jump on the bandwagon. They are cute, comfortable and totally versatile. I love that they can be worn year round and can be dressed up or dressed down. I LOOOOOVE me some boots (especially with leggings), but I feel like I have to wait until mid-October to sport that look. Booties are a great alternative to the full boot.
Alright, so the details. Where did I get them? What brand?
 Well, here's the deal...I absolutely SCORED these at Ross. And for $19.99! It was completely by chance. I went, looking for a couple new throw pillows and browsed by the shoes. I mean, really. Who doesn't do that when heading to Ross. And then I spotted them. And I knew we were a match made in heaven. My size, perfect fit and unbeatable price.
 The brand is Report and I already own a pair of wedges in the brand, which are one of my favorite pair of shoes. I tried finding them online to post a link for you, but sadly, I think they are an older model. Nordstrom does carry the Report brand and they've got a cute line. But, I found this pair of Franco Sarto booties that looks very similar, if you click HERE.

I scrolled back through my phone and found a couple other pictures of me wearing the booties.

My favorite look is with the denim skinny jeans, rolled up to just above the height of the bootie. I found a great post on Pinterest, regarding the best way to wear your jeans with booties. Check it out HERE.
Here are a few other favorites of mine. Cute, cute, cute!!! (Click on the picture for a link)
Women's Light Luggage Suede 3 1/4 Inch Perforated Suede Ankle Bootie | Sidney by Sole Society
Spring Booties! #LFstores #SteveMadden

Frye 'Patty' Riding Bootie | Nordstrom
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Hope you have a great Friday! Enjoy your weekend! As usual, we've got three full days of football! Go Jags, Go Huskies and GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

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