Monday, September 15, 2014

My {last} baby

I'm not sure if it's because she's the most irresistible thing on the planet, or if it's because she's my last baby, but I cannot get enough of her. Probably a bit of both.
Honestly, the thought of her being our last baby pains my heart so badly that I can feel a physical ache. There was an article I read about a year ago that perfectly described my feelings. I'm not sure if that ache would go away with another baby, and because we aren't financially set up for more, I've settled on the fact that we are done having kids. But boy oh boy is that a hard decision. If finances weren't involved, and I could afford a full time live in nanny, I'd have at least 2-3 more. That's how much I absolutely love babies.
But back to this baby. Our last.
She's a whole lot of sugar and spice and everything nice. She's full of kisses and giggles, shrieks and smiles.
For real, she's our happiest, easiest, most go-with-the-flow baby. I'm certain God made her that way, because otherwise, I'd probably lose my mind.
Rarely is she in a bad mood, as long as she's being held or allowed to do as she pleases. A piece of cake.
She's nearing 15 months. Say what?! And is a walking, talking, machine. This language explosion is so fun because daily, we are getting new words. The funny thing about this girl is that she's fairly quiet. I have a feeling she'll be my introvert, and is not nearly as talkative as her older sister. But, she is constantly surprising us with the things she can say. I find myself saying, "whoa...did you just hear what Brylie said?!" Only because her quiet little self isn't repeating, loudly, over and over. She'll quietly shock us with a two word phrase, just out of the blue.
Her favorite things involve running around outside, playing in sandbox, going on the swings, reading books, being held by people, eating food (pretty much anything), dancing and singing.
But at night, she's her mama's girl. And I'm not gonna complain for even a minute. She nuzzles her face into my neck and loves for me to rock her, hold her and sing to her.
I'm pretty sure I won't stop until she forces me to. Which may be never, at this rate.
For now, I'm going to enjoy every last second. Soaking up the last of the firsts. Sob. Tonight, I had the realization, that as much as we want her to be a baby, she's a full on toddler, with her own personality and own set of needs.
"Toddler" may be her official developmental stage, but my baby she'll always be.
 I love her. All 21 lbs, and 14 teeth of her.
Okay, I'll stop now.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh this speaks directly to my heart. Pregnancy, childbirth, the rough baby phases.....they are amazing! I wish this season could be an occupation!