Monday, September 8, 2014

The post in which I confess my love for.....Costco

I've explained to my husband, on many occasions, that if forced to shop at only one store for the rest of my life, it would be a toss up between Costco and Target. And no, I can't decide between the two. That's like forcing me to pick between best friends and it's just not fair!
Costco makes me happy. Plain and simple. They've recently amped up their organic section, which make me super, duper happy, these days! Not to mention the fact that I can always seem to find a great piece of clothing, or two...and almost always buy socks and underwear (for the kids), as well as winter coats, boots and other important things that would cost me double, anywhere else. Listen, when you are a family of 6, the regular old grocery store just doesn't cut it. I'd have to make bi-weekly trips there to accommodate our needs. Buying in bulk just makes sense.
Have you see the $150 Costco meal plan? Next month, I'm going to test it out to see how much food it will actually be, how easy things are to create, and if the fam really likes it! Check back for those results, that I will post on here.
But for this post, I took pictures of some of my favorite Costco purchases, as of late, in the hopes that it might inspire you to take the Costco leap. If you haven't already! I know many of you readers don't have large families, but with the right preparation, storage and freezing abilities, it may still make sense to shop there. The more you buy in bulk, the less often you have to shop. Um, hello! Winning!

We don't have fruit snacks in our house very often, but I love that they carry a healthier variety. The boys like a "dessert" in their lunch, so these are perfect.

We go through these boxes in less than a week, so I almost always buy 2. "Squeezies", as they are affectionately called in our house, are a favorite. Typically, I'll spend $1.25-$1.50 if I buy the organic variety in stores. These bad boys are just about $.50/each.
Another great lunch option.

We love these for lunches, snacks, treats after a game, etc.

Although these are fairly pricey, when on sale, as they are now, they are a great deal! I think I calculated just about $.85/each. I eat one with a banana or granola, for breakfast each day. The boys love these for a snack or in their lunch. We also use the bigger containers for smoothies.

Perfect football-watching snack food. Add some queso dip or cream cheese and they are pretty much perfection.

I absolutely love this container of spinach. First of all, we eat it all the time...smoothies, salads, sandwich toppings or mixed into pastas. I love that it sits flat  in my fridge and I don't have to shove it in the veggie drawer. It's just plain yum.

One of my favorite buys at Costco. These are invidivdual packs of sliced apples. And while they seem spendy (they are about $9 for 8 bags), the bags are so large that they can easily be split into 2 servings. Essentially, making a bag just over $.50/each. My kids take these for lunch pretty much every day.

If you are a sweet potato fry fan, you will love these. Trust me. Amazing!

The final edible product that I think is a must buy is the protein powder. This container is $50 but I'm sure it will last at least half a year, if not longer. We add it to all of our smoothies and it takes so good! If you have looked anywhere else for protein powder, you know just how expensive this stuff can be. For size reference it's over a foot tall and probably at least 10 inches in diameter.

The last 3 items are articles of clothing that I've purchased and that they still have. At least at our Costco! I love this jacket. It is thick and has the feel of a Lulu jacket. I've been waiting for something to come out like this and hoping it would be this week! It's perfect for taking my fitness classes outside in the fall and staying warm. These leggings are another steal! It's hard to tell in this picture, but they are charcoal grey. They also come in black. They're really thick and super comfortable. Well made, for sure!

This jacket comes in white, pink, teal, grey and navy. I *almost* bought the grey. Figured this was a little brighter for the gloomy days to come. ;-)

And this sweater. I AM IN LOVE. It's a cardigan/sweater, so comfy, drapey and LONG! I am wearing it with skinny jeans and booties (yes, I just found some and I'll tell you all about them, soon!). Because the sweater is so long, it could also be paired with leggings.

This comes in several colors and I feel like it's probably flattering on a lot of different body types. And doesn't it just scream FALL!!! I'm super pumped to wear this to work and stay cozy!!!
Their kids clothes are pretty great, too! Molly just scored some darling rain boots and a super cute new coat. Stay tuned for those pictures and details.
So what are you waiting for??! Run, don't walk, to your nearest Costco.


And please share your favorite Costco buys! I'm always looking for something new to shop for. Sorry, hubs!


  1. I love bring introduced to new healthy foods! Thanks Kelly!

    1. You are so welcome! Miss you and your babies! Hope you are off to a great start with the school year....let's plan a playdate soon!

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  3. What size are you wearing in the cardigan?

    1. Great! Thanks! I bought the medium yesterday and I think I want to get the small instead!