Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites!


I'm slacking on the blog lately and feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water these days. Between football season, a trip to Cali, soccer, swimming, toddler gym, teaching, and several other activities at school, it's been a crazy month. And it's not looking to slow down until the beginning of November.
But I love it and I wouldn't change it for the world. My kids are happy and healthy and that's what really matters.
So....on to my Friday favorites. Wow. So many things are my favorite right now. Can I give a little shout out for scarves?!
I love them. And if it was acceptable to wear them every day from now until March, I probably would. Yesterday, I wore one of my favorite Pashmina scarves (a bridesmaid gift from a friends' wedding), to school. Paired with the mustard colored skinnies from my last Stitch Fix box and a cute polka dot long-sleeved shirt from Old Navy. A fun, fall outfit.

Cake pops. Need I say more?? Molly and I love the pink ones from Starbucks, but we attended a wedding in California last weekend, where they had a ton of cake pops. My sister and I were in heaven!!! Sugar addiction runs in our family, I think. ;-)
Side note: We didn't plan to both wear black. And, in case you are wondering, we were both in heels, our feet got tired, and my flip flops were in the hotel room with sleeping children. I didn't want to wake them up to dig around for instead I went barefoot at the reception. Because I'm classy like that. And thankfully, the bride and groom are such great friends they didn't care one bit! ;-)
How could I do a Friday favorites without mentioning our beloved Seahawks. Forget about the fact that we won the Super Bowl last year. Alright, how could you forget. But, they have the MOST AMAZING quarterback ever. A classy, Christian man, who provides so much service and inspiration to our community. Thank you Russell Wilson for changing the face of sports in Seattle.
Check them out on Monday Night Football this week. Go HAWKS!!!

And finally, I want to talk about these workout capris from Target. They are amazing!!! I've had a million different types of workout pants in the past, but these are hands down my favorite. They are thick, super comfortable and flattering. The waist doesn't squeeze, leaving excess skin <ahem> hanging over. I probably wear them more than I should, that's just how much I love them.
I looked on Target's website to provide you the link, but can't find them. They are in stores though. Just check out the active wear section. Trust me, they are amazing. You won't be disappointed! The Zella jacket is from Nordstrom and I love it, too!

And while I'm showing you a picture of myself in the gym parking lot, I thought I'd share my gem of a status update from yesterday. True story.
To all of the lovely patrons of the YMCA, my deepest apologies for my 2-year old's massive tantrum. I didn't allow her to get fruit snacks out of the vending machine, which resulted in her throwing herself on the floor in hysterics, me having to get her brothers out of swim lessons early, and somehow dragging her and her 3 siblings out to the car.
Who needs a workout class when you've got an unreasonable, flailing toddler?!? If I make it through football season in one piece, it will be a true miracle.

Just keepin' it real friends. Being a mom is tough sometimes. So much love to those of you going through this season of your life. That's why we have to lift each other up instead of compare, criticize and compete.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Hi Kelly! I found you through the link up. I can relate to kids having a fit and showing their tails in public places. SMH.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad to know I'm not alone!! ;-)

  2. Oh, I can relate to your gym story all too well! These toddlers take their fruit snacks seriously. ;)

  3. Hi, Kelly! I am a new reader, found your blog through Mix and Match Mama. I am a mama of a 20 month old boy and am due with our 2nd in June! I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for being real and giving a glimpse into life as a wife and mama of 4. I especially loved your post on Costco! I love me some Costco. I was wondering, for the Target workout pants, what brand are they? I'd love to pick up a pair. Thanks again for being so authentic!

    1. Thanks, Laura! You made my day! I believe the workout pants are Champion brand. I'm not home to check for sure, but I'm almost positive. Congrats on your new addition!! How exciting!!

    2. Thank you so much, Kelly! I will definitely look into those. I also wanted to say thank you for your post about tips for avoiding screen time with kids. Such genius ideas!!