Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun (and mostly FREE!) fall activities

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about fall are all the great activities to do with kids. And most of them are free. Even better.

First on my list....

THE PUMPKIN PATCH! I can't believe that we are almost to mid October and I have yet to take my kids to the pumpkin patch. For the record, this is the latest I've been. My kids are blessed to have amazing grandparents who took them today (during my teacher training), but I fully plan to get my fill in the next few weeks. Although there are some pumpkin patches that cost an entry fee, many don't cost a dime! In fact, one of our favorites is completely free! The kids love to trek through the mud, run through the corn mazes, pet the animals, do the duck races, take pictures, who am I kidding...they don't love that part, and pick out their favorite pumpkins!

FALL WALKS. We love taking walks at any time of year, but fall is really the best. The Pacific Northwest is stunning in the fall and it's fun for the kids to crunch through leaves, pick them up to throw them in the air, and enjoy the crispness in the air. We like to pick out our favorite leaves and do leaf rubs when we get home. Or even a race to see who can find the biggest leaf!

OKTOBERFEST! No matter where you live, there are undoubtedly festivals in your area. We have several around us and they are fun, fun, fun! During the day, they have great kid activities, and at night, they become an exciting adult hang out. Or so I'm told. In fact, next weekend, I'm going away with some girlfriends to one of our state's most famous festivals. Look for a blog post coming soon! ;-)

APPLE PICKING! Fun fact: did you know that Washington state is the apple capital of the world? We have an abundance of apple orchards in our area and not only is it fun for kids to be able to pick apples, many of them have a cider press where they can turn the apples into juice or cider. These hands on activities are so fun because they create hands on learning. What kid doesn't love to get right in the mix of things and make something on their own!

PUMPKIN CARVING! This is a favorite family activity of ours. Not only is it super fun to carve pumpkins, eating the seeds is half the fun! Toss them on a cookie sheet, spray with olive oil and cover in seasoning salt. Roast them until they are dark brown. Yum. Last year, we carved a bit too early and by Halloween, our poor pumpkins had started to rot. This year, we are learning our lesson and waiting a bit. The kids love to design the faces on the pumpkins and then daddy uses a carving knife to cut the faces out. Or, even easier, buy yourself a pre-made kit and make them look professional.

FOOTBALL! If you don't have the money to attend a pro or college game (GO SEAHAWKS AND HUSKIES!!!), then head to a local high school football game. There is something about Friday night lights that's really special. Listening to high school bands, watching the cheerleaders and seeing the excitement in the air. Totally screams fall!

What do you love to do at this time of year?!

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