Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A {Fall Style Challenge} wrap-up

I realized that I never did a wrap up of the Fall Style Challenge at Get Your Pretty On! I have my last 4 outfits to show you and then I'm going to convince you that you need to hop on board for the next one, coming up at the end of this month!!!
Outfit #18: A cardigan, scarf, neutral top and neutral flats. I love this and can wear things like this ALL the time. Never would have paired these tops together, but now that I have, I'll definitely be doing it more often.

Outfit #19: A puffer vest, polka dot shirt, skinny jeans and booties. Another easy favorite! Remember my puffer collection? Yeah, it's a real problem.

Outfit #20--Excuse the cheesy picture, I have yet to perfect the selfie. Especially when I'm supposed to be showcasing my outfit. This is my new favorite plaid shirt, black skinnies, leopard flats and a gold tassel necklace.

Outfit #21--A dressy sweatshirt, skinny jeans and riding boots. I guess my sweatshirt isn't exactly dressy, but it's different. Loved this and thought it was perfect for a weekend.

For real, friends, you've got to try this out!!! I consider myself to have a fairly good sense of style, but I tend to stick in my comfort zone and don't always try new things. Allison really encouraged us to trust her (and I did) and I'm so glad that I did this. She has a "Back to Basics" style challenge for women over the age of 40, going on right now. I know a few of you are trying that one out...and I can't wait to hear about your success. But then she's doing a "winter/holiday challenge" that you've got to try! Click HERE to sign up or get more information.
Here's the deal, you can look at pictures on Pinterest until you are blue in the face, but until you are a part of an encouraging group of women on a private FB page, where you are seeing daily versions of the same outfits and getting styling suggestions, it's just not the same. The support and instant feedback was so great. Allison is a member of the group and even provides personal feedback, too. Kind of feels like celebrity status! ;-)
Anyway, the winter/holiday challenge will not only give you a daily outfit emailed to you, but she's going to provide a few dressier options to wear to holiday events. As always, you'll have a shopping list given to you ahead of time, where you can either go out and buy the pieces that are missing from your closet or substitute what you already had. Most of the fall challenge pieces were already in my closet, which was fun! Well, and buying new things is fun, too! =)
All in all, this was a GREAT experience. Because I'm going to be in Hawaii for a couple weeks of the winter challenge, I won't be participating, but you can bet I'll be joining back in January, upon my return!!! DO IT! What are you waiting for?!

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