Sunday, November 9, 2014

Binkie no more!

I completely forgot to share an exciting piece of news in our house...we are BINKIE FREE! Somebody pinch me! I really thought that Molly would have a binkie when she started kindergarten because the girl was an A-D-D-I-C-T. I mean, she didn't just have it at bedtime and in the car, she had it almost all the time. Especially when she got hurt or was sad. "I wannnnnt my biiiinnnkkkiieee!" is what we'd hear.
It actually went a lot like potty training did for us. On her terms, in her timing. One day, we were driving home and she said, "mom, will you hold my binkie for me." I reach back to grab it, thinking she was going to need it back in a few moments and she never asked again. I decided to leave it in the car, just so it would be out of sight out of mind, but still thinking she'd be asking for it soon.
Fast forward to bedtime and I was 100% skeptical. There was NO way this would go well. We did the whole bedtime routine and then I was waiting for the binky question. Tucked her in, kissed her and then heard her sweet voice say, "mom, what is the binkie fairy giving me?"
Um, excuse me? Oh crap. I totally forgot about that part of the deal. It's too late to run out to the store for a treat and I have nothing she'll want.
"Um, what do you think the binkie fairy will bring you?" I replied. "Well, I'm not sure, but I hope she's taking my binkies to Jesus so he can give them to the babies in heaven. You know, like baby Tripp. I bet he needs a binkie". Melt my heart little girl.
After assuring her that the babies in heaven would get her binkie and praying for other friends who have lost babies, I tucked her in and miraculously, she never said a peep. Just like that, it was over. The next day, I took her to Target to pick out a gift. I told her that not only did the binkie fairy deliver the binkies to heaven, but she told me to take Molly to the store to pick out a gift. Of course she selected the girliest thing possible. A new Princess Aurora dress and plastic high heels.

Now I won't pretend like this is normal behavior for someone giving up their binkie, but it's our first go at it (my first and only binkie kid) and it was much easier than I thought. However, I'd been prepping for other methods to take the binkie. Here were some of my ideas, incase you need any in the future:

1. Cut the tips off the binkie. When they suck on the binkie, they are frustrated that they are "broken" and won't want to use them anymore.

2. Write a letter to the binkie fairy and leave all the binkies out for them to take that night. In the morning, the fairy will leave a gift in its place.

3. Wrap up all of the binkies in a gift and have them present the gift to a pregnant friend or even to someone with a small baby.

4. Cold turkey. One night, take them all out of your house and tell them you don't have any more of them around.

5. Get some helium filled balloons and tie a binkie to the bottom. Send the binkie up to heaven with a little note inside the balloon that they help color and write on. I'm sure this is not the most eco-friendly option, but a desperate parent has got to do what they've got to do! ;-)

What other binkie-be-gone strategies do you have?

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