Monday, November 3, 2014

Get Pinspired
Alright, happy Monday. Is that an oxy moron??! I'm just happy to have no more puke to clean up or sick babies (and husbands) to take care of. We are off to a fresh start this week, friends! Hallelujah!! So to get off on a good foot, I'm joining these three lovely ladies for a monthly link up today! It's time to Get Pin-spired!
Because I've been posting quite a bit of fashion on this blog, I'm feeling a little burnt out right now. Ready to take a little break from that part of my life and move on to something different. Don't worry! I'll be back with the Winter Style Challenge sometime soon! But after today's post, I'm going to take a teeny tiny break from all things clothing, scarves and booties. ;-) And then I'll come back refreshed and ready to share new and exciting looks.
But first, a couple looks that I've pinned and tried to re-create.
Pinterest look #1

Why I love this look? Well, there are a couple reasons! First of all, navy and teal. Need I say more? They are two of my favorite colors and paired together, they are near perfection. And stripes. Oooooh, the stripes!
Here is my re-creation of the outfit:

This sweater is from the Gap, the jeans are Romy and the necklace was a gift...I honestly have NO idea where it's from.
And Pinterest look #2: 

I have a black and white striped maxi skirt that I love, but I'm struggling to find ways to wear it in the winter. This look is classic, simple and can be paired with a pair of black boots to give it a fall-ish feel. I love black and white. Very classy.
Here is my re-creation of the outfit:

Jean jackets are my favorite! This particular one came in my Stitch Fix box, remember HERE? Speaking of Stitch Fix, I got the skirt in my very first box HERE. And the scarf is an absolute favorite that I got as a bridesmaid gift in a friend's wedding. I'm not sure where she purchased it, but it's a Pashmina and I get more use of out it than any other scarf.

I was messing with different ways to wear this scarf and here's what I came up with. It's looped around the neck with the ends hanging loose. When I hold up my arm for the picture, it doesn't look as cute, but you'll have to trust me that it's a flattering way to wear this scarf. Another cute look with the maxi skirt is to wear a cardigan and then do a belt (over the top of the cardi) with a matching scarf. I'm totally going to find a colored belt this weekend! I saw so many Pinterest inspiration pics with this look, but nothing to re-create.

Speaking of Pinterest, if you aren't following me on there, what the heck? Why not! Click HERE to join the fun!
I have some great posts in the works and I'm looking forward to heading into the holiday season. Stay tuned for 11/7 where I have a link up planned with some lovely blogger ladies I met through the style challenge. My post will give you a tour of my closet! Eeek. Better go so I can start cleaning now.......
Have a great week!


  1. Love the teal and blue! I struggled with wearing my black/white maxi in the fall too and then I found an outfit on Pinterest for last months pin-spired that really helped me out! It's been my most popular can check it out here for some more maxi inspiration if you are interested.

  2. Kelly - LOVE both of these looks! We also nosed around a bit and think you are darling! We would love to feature your family Christmas card on our blog! Email us if you are interested (!)

  3. Thank you so much! Look for an email coming your way!