Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Random cell phone picture dump

My name is Kelly and I'm addicted to taking random cell phone pictures on my phone.
If I posted every picture I took, you all might think I'm crazy. So instead, I'll just tell you about it and then you'll think I'm less crazy, right? To put things into perspective, I cleared all of the pictures off of my phone at the beginning of September, when I did a phone update and I currently have 3,200 on there today. That's approximately 2 months later. The good news, is that my kids will never have a shortage of pictures to choose from when they need a random one for a class project or a future wedding slide show. Right?!

Here are a few from September/October that make me smile.

If you've ever tried to watch a soccer game with two toddlers in tow, this picture might seem familiar to you. Yeah, we don't do a whole lot of "watching" soccer. More like, managing the other three kids while one is in the game. We, more or less, become human jungle gyms and play referee on the sidelines. Several times, having to run out on to the field chasing a baby who has escaped our lap. That's always fun.

This is a favorite of mine because it was totally unplanned. Those are the best kind, to me! Kids happened to be piled on the couch together and were looking pretty cute, so naturally I grabbed my phone to capture the moment. And it was a true miracle that they were all looking in one direction and had somewhat pleasant looks on their face.

My 2-year old loves dress up. In fact, that's pretty much all she wants to do. Dress up and pretend play. We are princess with handsome princes (usually her brothers), we have tea parties and go "shopping" in our house. She has a wild imagination and is so much fun!

And then there is this girl. She's been sick for the past week, but is on the mend am I'm so glad. It was a rough, rough week with a night at urgent care and a possible trip to the ER. Thankfully, it's in the past!

See what I mean? A totally goofball!

She may be girlie, but she has no problem climbing all over our big toy and getting dirty with her cousin!

Cheese!!! And hair finally long enough for piggies. Can I get an AMEN?!!

I had to include this picture because this has been THE BEST football season yet! Hubby's team is undefeated and starts the first round of playoffs this Friday night. It's a first in school history!!!

These two are getting so old. I gook a picture of them on "picture day" just because it's the only time you won't find them in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Honestly, I prefer the sporty look, but they were so handsome that I needed to document.

Ready for church!
If the weather is nice, we'll walk to school to pick up the boys. This particular day she wanted to push her stroller. With her heart shades. So cool.

This was taken at one of the 3479236492 parks we visited. Our early October weather was just incredible and we had to soak up every last second. Before the WA rain set in. =(

I saved my favorite for last. These girls are so lucky to have a daddy who is involved and not afraid to change diapers, give baths, play (all day, every day), pack lunches, cart around to practice and spend the weekend alone with the kids while I go out of town, among other things. Yep. I married a good one. Reading stories after bath is a favorite around here.
Whew. I wish I could share all 3,200 pictures, but then you'd really call me crazy and would probably stop reading. So I'll stop. For now. ;-)


  1. Love your pictures! Especially the ones with all four kids. Hey... so do you have a really good way of organizing them on your computer? I've always noticed that I don't but it's become painfully obvious now that I'm blogging. Sometimes I want to pull out a certain old picture but have no idea where to find it.


  2. Thank you! Yes, I have a system that I've been using since my oldest was born. I create a folder for each month and label it "January 2014", "February 2014" etc. Once an entire year goes by, I put all 12 folders within another folder titled "Family Pictures 2014". I back everything up on a hard drive, too. This makes it so easy for me to go back and find a picture in a specific month. For example, when looking for my kids' Halloween pics, I just went October of each year and looked through the file.