Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Part 2

In light of recent events, I feel like I have SO much to be thankful for. I'm really enjoying writing these, because as I write, I realize just how blessed my life really is. Last week's post included a lot of important things, but today, I'll share my thankfulness for:
{my parents}
Seriously, though, they are pretty darn great! They are probably not reading this right now because they are on a cruise to Jamaica, or the Bahamas, or something like that. But I know just how lucky I am to have them in my life. Around this time last year, I had a fairly major surgery (I had some post-childbirth complications) and my parents pretty much took in me and my 4 kids, while hubby was coaching and teaching. They did everything for me, at that time. Once a week, they babysit our kids and if I'm ever in a bind or need something, they come to the rescue. My parents are some of the most generous and selfless people I know. They open their home and are (no joke) the best hosts EVER. People love to visit with my parents because they have a way of making, even strangers, feel right at home.

{my bed}
I love it. Maybe that sounds weird, but I have a super cozy bed and when I climb in, at night, I'm usually SOOOOO tired. It takes me all of about 5 seconds to fall asleep and snuggle into my sheets at night. I also love that we have a California King. In fact, I don't know how people handle anything smaller! I feel almost claustrophobic when we go to a hotel and have to share a Queen. I think we've been spoiled with our bed and it's perfect for a family of 6. We can all fit in there together and snuggle on weekend mornings.

Music has been a major part of my life. Partly because, growing up, my dad was a high school choir director. Singing was what we did. I also played the piano and violin in my younger years. In college, I started as a music major with hopes of heading to Broadway (meeting and marrying my husband, thwarted those plans). But, I still absolutely love to sing and it's one of my favorite stress relievers. Music just makes me happy and I'm enjoying watching my kids develop a love for music, too.  It is rare that I get to listen to my favorite music in the car...usually it's the Frozen Soundtrack or the Barbie Dance Party Mix, but I love me some good praise music or country. Carrie Underwood is my Hollywood BFF. =)
{social media}
Weird thing to be thankful for, I know, right? But, it's allowed me to connect with friends all over the country. It's amazing how you can go 20 years without seeing someone from childhood, and yet you still feel close to them because of social media. I love being able to see pictures of friends and family that we don't see as often. Or even those we do! Before social media, we didn't get to rejoice in others in happiness and lift people up in their pain. And if we did, it was only with people in our small circle of friends. Facebook, Instagram, etc has created a much smaller world and provided so many amazing connections.
There are a billion other things I'm thankful, and I'll share a few more next week on Thanksgiving. Have a great week!! XOXO

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