Thursday, December 11, 2014

A "Frozen" Pajama Party--Breakfast Style!

This past weekend we celebrated Molly's birthday with a "Frozen" pajama party. I decided to do a breakfast theme, when we scheduled it for 10am. I'd never done an early party before, but it really was great! Breakfast foods are fun and easy....and everyone loves them. And what's even better is that the party is over by noon and there is still time for naps and an entire afternoon/evening as a family.
The Menu
fresh fruit
chocolate milk
hot cocoa

Every party needs an activity, to keep kids from tearing the house apart. Because it fit the season perfectly, I decided to have the kids decorate cookies. This was an easy activity for kids of all ages and both genders. I purchased a variety of toppings: peppermint marshmellows, sprinkles, crushed candy canes, multi-colored chocolate chips, plain marshmellows, red hots and MnM's, along with 4 different types of frosting.
Note: you will need several adult helpers, especially with the younger kids, because things will get messy!
I also laid out blank coloring sheets for any child that didn't want to decorate or finished early and needed something to keep them busy.

Once cookie decorating was over, we moved right into gift opening. It's hard to have down time at a party, so I like to keep things moving right along. Kids are so great. I love that they scootch closer and closer during gift opening so that they are practically on top of the birthday girl. It happens at every party I've been to!

And then the highlight of the party, a special appearance by Anna and Elsa. These were students of mine that I hired to come and do a guest appearance. The girls, especially, were so enamored by these girls and just sat in amazement. My plan was to get a picture of each guest with the princesses, but unfortunately, I only got about half. Some were afraid and some were just plain uninterested. Ha!

And then I really wanted a cute group picture, but several of them declined. =( My picture turned out blurry, too, and this was the only one I took. Sometimes, I think it would be worth it to hire someone to take pictures of a party. I get so wrapped up in helping and interacting with people, that I forget to take pictures.

Following Anna and Elsa's appearance, we did cake and ice cream.

And we ended by letting kids finish up their cookies and preparing their plate to take home.
Each child got an Elsa or Olaf bag to take home, with a cute little tag. I love these for swim lessons because they fit a rolled up towel, suit and goggles and they hold up well with a little water.

This girl had a GREAT birthday and was thrilled to spend the day with her family and friends!! We ended up with 14 kids, ages 5 and under. Which, in my opinion, is perfect for a party. Not too much that it was overwhelming, but just enough that the house felt full and exciting.
Birthdays are one of my very favorite things!!

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