Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Birthday recap

Whew! What a weekend. My weekend actually started early, as I took Friday off for a dr appt. I purposely scheduled it that way so I could be home on Molly's birthday. And then ended up with an unplanned sick child added to my day. More on that later.

Friday morning, as is our tradition, we started the day with doughnuts and orange juice at 6:45am. Molly opened her gifts from us and we had a great time together as a family. She was absolutely thrilled with her new Elsa dress and all of the accessories, begging me to leave it on her the whole day. When it's your birthday, the rule is, you get what you want, within reason. I told her no problem! Elsa dress, it is!

She changed her mind when she realized that it wouldn't be super comfortable.

Late morning, we met our nanny for some coffee, cake pops and a fun visit at Starbucks. She spoiled Molly with gifts and the girls LOVED that she was there.

Next, we headed to Brett's class for "show and tell". Brett was selected as "Superstar of the Week" and part of that honor is bringing a different show and tell item each day of the week. Brett asked if he could bring his sisters, and what better day, than Molly's birthday. He was so cute, explaining to the class about his sisters and what they liked/disliked. When it came time for all of the questions, every kid said the exact same thing, "your sisters are really cute". Hehe. They'd think for awhile, like they were pondering a question, and then just go back to...."your sisters are really cute."
I decided to take Brett home with us because he was complaining of a bad headache and had some cold symptoms. Brett hardly ever complains about illness, so when he tells me he doesn't feel great, I listen!

However, he had to come on our little field trip for Molly's birthday because I'd planned it out before I knew he'd be with us. We met up with my sister and her boy's at a nursery where they had some of Santa's reindeer. The kids thought this was the coolest! They also participated in a scavenger hunt, where they were awarded with stuffed reindeer, at the end.

When we were done, we headed to Panera for lunch. One of Molly's favorite spots to get a bowl of Mac n' Cheese

That ended our morning of birthday festivies and brought us back to the reality of appts and naps, but it was really fun while it lasted!

In the evening, we headed to Red Robin (Molly's choice) for a yummy birthday dinner. The manager actually walked over to our table to tell us how well behaved our kids were and thanked us for bringing them in. Say what?! How nice!

After dinner, we met up with Adam's mom, and my sister and her family for some fro yo. I didn't think it was possible to get one more calorie in my body, but somehow I managed. #sacrifices
The evening ended with a movie night of Molly's choice,--"Barbie". The boys were thrilled. Not. But, were good sports and watched anyway. Meanwhile, Adam and I set up the house for the 14 small children coming over in the morning. Eeeeekkkk!!!

I have a post dedicated to our super fabulous "Frozen Breakfast Pajama Party". Coming soon!!

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