Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas came early!

'Twas the night 11 days before Christmas....
and we celebrated BIG!!!
Because we'll be on vacation over Christmas (while some great friends from out-of-town, stay at our house), we did Christmas morning on Sunday. Saturday night felt a little strange...wrapping gifts, getting the house cleaned and ready and preparing for the busy festivities in the morning, but it wasn't Christmas Eve. I got this one picture before Adam and I snuck up to bed LATE Saturday night. Whew. It's exhausting trying to prepare for Christmas without the week before, off of work. #teacherproblems

Saturday morning, I actually set my alarm clock for 5:45am so I could shower before we woke the kids to open gifts at 6:15am. We cut back on the amount of presents because of our vacation, but they were still pretty spoiled! I think the highlight for the boys was their brand new trampoline!! Or maybe I'm more excited about it because it will offer hours of outdoor entertainment when the weather gets warmer. The girls are pretty darn excited about the Disney Princess Barbie Dream House. Um, hello. So am I. ;-)

After presents, we loaded the kids in the car and headed to my parents house to open gifts with my siblings, their spouses and kids. Instead of everyone exchanging gifts like we normally do, this year, we drew names and only bought one gift. My mom had me and got me this sweet down jacket! Adam had my sister and got her the same one in a different color. I think they may have done some collaborating on that one. ;-)

By 9:30am, we had finished our gifts and it was time for our extended family and close friends to come over for a traditional Christmas brunch. We normally do this on Christmas morning, but everyone generously offered to move it so we could be there. The past few years, I have hosted the brunch, but it was nice to do it at my parents house and not have the mess to clean up afterwards. ;-) Thanks, mom & dad!!


And as if that weren't enough celebrating, I headed to a friend's house in the afternoon for a fun cookie exchange, coming home with WAY too many sweets!! I love these girls and value my time with them, so it's always a great time.


And I leave you with a picture I took from my parents' deck, yesterday. The perfect day to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. <3

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