Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Isn't this time of year AMAZING?!?!

 I loooove being cozy, and nothing says cozy like twinkling tree lights, candles, fires, Christmas music and the smell of pine. Because we are going to be out of town for a couple weeks, I cut way back on my decorating. It hurts my heart to say that we don't have our traditional 10 foot real tree in our front living room. But, thank goodness for Scentsy warmers with Very Snowy Spruce scents, because our house smells divine!

It's always interesting decorating with small children. Two steps forward, one step back. Ahhhh!!!! And really, it's amazing how many boxes it took to just pull out SOME of our decorations this year. Unbelievable! Thankful for an additional detached garage, for storage!!!

We had a few problems with the tree, this year. First of all, it's the last time we'll have a pre-lit tree. I'm serious. When one of those suckers goes out, the whole tree is out. Out of the three parts to the tree, only one lit up, so we ended up wrapping lights on top of lights. I'm thinking we'll be getting a new tree for next year.

And then we went for the ornaments. On this tree, I usually have more matchy matchy ornaments and a coordinating color scheme. When we have our other 10-footer, that's where we put all of the fun, kids' ornaments.

As per usual, my children were insistent on "helping" and that generally involved allowing them to hang something and then re-hanging it when they weren't looking. #momsecrets

Sitting pretty like a princess. Don't let her fool you, though. This chic was far from princess like when she was chucking glass ornaments across the room and then squealing with delight. Yeah. That was fun.

Ta da! One tree, complete! Because it's our only one this year, I think I'm enjoying it just a bit more than usual. Maybe we'll decorate a palm tree on vacation?!? Do people do that??

I love these four little people. Crazy and all.

Brett insisted on photographing Molly and me with our stockings. Not bad for a 6 year old. ;-)
I love these stockings. Last year, I ordered them from Personal Creations and lucky us, they came in six different styles. Guess we can't have any more kids! ;-)

And one more with the pretty lighting. Ever since we moved into our house, six years ago, I've thought what a great "Santa fireplace" we have. Just perfect for him to squeeze down!

This picture does this sign, absolutely NO justice, but it's gorgeous! I bought it at a Christmas boutique in one of my favorite little towns. It's made of wood, although hard to tell, and is lined in glitter.

And finally a picture of one of the bookcases in our house. I figure without another tree, we've got to add some Christmas cheer around here!
Next year, I'm sure to have more décor to share, but cutting back this year, was nice for a few reasons. Probably the time saved on set up and tear down ranks number one in my book!
I'm looking forward to checking out the décor in other houses. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of year.
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  1. I love how you've decorated for Christmas. It looks fantastic!

  2. beautiful decorations!! tree is lovely!
    We've been delaying the decorating because it's going to take soooo long this year with a toddler lol

    1. Thank you! Yeah, toddlers and Christmas décor are not a good mix. I think I pick up 10+ ornaments each day, that have been pulled from the tree! ;-)

  3. Wow beautiful decorations! My pre-lit tree can have one bulb go out and the rest stay lit.

    1. That's awesome! I need to find one of those. We haven't had good luck at all!

  4. You should DEFINITELY decorate your palm tree- when we went to the Big Island two years ago, we definitely brought lights and i bought a long tinsel garland thing. We decorated the palm tree at the main condo and actually put up lights around the balcony too!! Be sure to bring an extension cord or two!! Loved the post once again- your house looks so festive!!

  5. Kindred spirits ... no pre-lit trees for me after the first one several years ago. Not only do the lights go out (and they will) they don't have enough lights on them for my tastes.

    Your tree is lovely, but the kiddos even more so. I scaled down this year on tree size because I gave away my big one last year and wasn't in the mood to shop, so I borrowed a tree from my sister.

    I found you at Shannan's place.

  6. You guys are adorbs!
    We don't have a pre-lit and every single year, Cory and I almost split over the lighting of our tree.
    But really. Our tree is an old hand-me-down and I've wondered about a pre-lit.
    You have me convinced!
    Thanks for linking up, Lady.