Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Maui: Day Two

Our second day in Maui was Sunday and it started verrrrry early. Like, 3:30am early. We figured our kids would wake up earlier than normal because of the 2 hour time change, but this was a bit ridiculous. My hopes of them sleeping until at least 5am came crashing down when we heard Molly yelling "mooooommmmmm, daddddddd!!!!!" at o'dark thirty. I'm pretty sure she woke up because she was scared and a little unfamiliar with her surroundings (her and her cousin Isaac were sharing a room). And when you are sleeping in a house with other people, letting them cry it out, or even giving yourself a moment to wake up, is out of the question. This, then, woke up Brylie, so we were mostly up in the middle of the night. Awesome.
By 6:00am, everyone was up and we were eating breakfast, planning out our day and deciding how early we could head out to the beach. My mom, sister and I headed to Safeway for some last minute essentials (a HUGE Costco trip had been done the day before) and Adam took our kids to the beach while we were gone.

And the beach is where we stayed the majority of the day. At naptime, we came back to the house for lunch and put the kids down--who were literally OUT in seconds--and we enjoyed a few hours of silence. The boys played in the pool and we read. Perfection.

Once everyone was awake, it was back to the beach for a couple more hours. Taking a beach walk, body boarding and jumping in the waves. We had to be back for the big Seahawks game, so quick showers and game time!!
Our evenings have been yummy dinners, bed time and then board games. And to be honest, by 10pm, we are all exhausted due to the early wake up 

And my, oh, my....these sunsets are amazing. This picture does it no justice!!!

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