Monday, January 26, 2015

$10 favorites!!

Today, I sat down to do a blog post, and couldn't decide what I wanted to write about. It's been happening a lot, lately! I thought that maybe I could find some inspiration from other blogs, so I started doing some blog-stalking and came across one of the blogs I love to read. Not only was today a fun post, but it was a link-up! Score!!

Sometimes the blog world is a funny one. You follow people on their life journey and almost feel like you are their friend, even though they have NO idea who you are!! ;-) Well, Erika and Andrea are mommy bloggers like me, who happen to have pretty fun blogs. And lives! They both live in Texas, and even though we've never met, I feel like we would be friends. Ha! See? Weird, right?

Today, I'm linking up with the two of them to share a few of my favorite items under $10. Anything under $10 makes me happy!
I want to start with this awesome tank from Target. It's $9, to be exact. And I wear one pretty much every day. To order the tank click HERE. It comes in grey, black and white....and I have all of them! They are really thin, but not see through. They are also LONG, which I appreciate. I like the tank to show underneath the bottom of my shirt. I wore it on it's own in Hawaii, but won't be doing that anytime soon, around here! Really, if you don't have this tank, or if you are looking for a good layering tank, this one is pretty great!

I'm not sure if my next pick is considered cheating because the actual price was more than $10, but I couldn't help but share my awesome deal. I found this super cute knit hat at Ross. I've been looking for something similar, but hadn't found one I loved. In our wet, cold Washington winters, it's nice to have a few hats on hand, to keep the head looking normal, instead of like a wet dog. Ha!

See how cute it is!!?? And check out the tag below. Can't beat $6.99. Practically, free, right? I mean, how could I not??

Anyone who spends any significant time at my house, can attest to my love for this product. I actually love anything Meyer's brand....but especially this soap. It comes in many scents, but the basil scent is my favorite. Sometimes I'll wash my hands, just so they can smell like this. I have the apple scent in my kitchen, and it's a close second.

The final item I will leave you with is this cleaning product I discovered about a month ago. It's called Bar Keeper's Friend, it's SUPER cheap and it works like a charm!! I think it's been around for decades, and maybe I'm the last to know about it, but if you need a good kitchen or bathroom cleaner, get it! Now. I have the powder form to get soap scum and residue off our travertine tile in the bathrooms, but I've heard it's great in kitchens, too.

Click HERE to order it.
What are great items, under $10, that you love and would like to share??!! 


  1. Target tanks are the best!! Super cute hat too!! And you just can't beat $6.99!! Have a great week!!

  2. Just saw your blog thru Erika's....I feel the same way as you! I live in California and don't know any of these ladies but I feel like they are my friends! I love using My Bar Keepers Friend in my kitchen! It makes my sink so sparkly clean! I also love your hat :) Super cute!

    1. Haha! Glad that I'm not the only one! =) Thanks for stopping by! Do you use the powder on your countertops?