Monday, January 26, 2015

Black & White

I'm linking up for a fun fashion post all about black and white in the wardrobe. Check out the linkup by clicking on the image.
 To be honest, at first this seemed like an easy task, but then I realized, I'm not much of a black and white girl. I love color and I love creamy neutrals.
After going through my closet, I found my favorite black and white outfit to highlight. And then, just for funnsies, I thought I'd throw a few of my favorite Pinterest outfits on here.
I LOVE this sweater! It was a Target find this fall (and sadly, not online anymore) and a staple in my closet. It's hard to tell from a distance, but it's actually a black and white knit print. Not grey. It's really comfortable and not too thick. Read: I don't get too hot while teaching.
The leggings were a total score from....Coscto! Say what?! I told you, Costco is the best! What can't you find there??? They were $14.99 and super fun for wearing around the house, or out. The leather look makes them a little more sleek than a plain legging.

And finally, the boots! These were a Black Friday find from Macy's and I totally love them! Not only are they comfortable, but they are a little unique, with the zipper on the inside and outside. They are the perfect amount of shine and I love the place where they hit my leg. I recently donated a pair of black boots that weren't quite tall enough, but these are perfecto!

The great thing about black and white is that you can dress up any outfit with color. I wore this outfit with dangly yellow earrings, and I could have easily done a bracelet, fun rings or bring nail polish. Black and white provide the perfect neutral backdrop for you to have fun with color.
For details on my outfits check out the links:
Boots --HERE
Leggings -- HERE
And a couple inspiration pics from Pinterest. The one on the left makes me SUPER DUPER excited for summer!!! I can almost feel the heat!
And that polka dot dress! I mean!!!!
Okay, so you've convinced me. I might be able to do a bit more black and white. As long as I can add pops of color, okay?! Perfect.


  1. Love the cowl neck sweater! SO cozy. And those inspiration pics you pinned are spot on–loving that polka dot dress! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I'm absolutely in love with the look of sweater dresses, but can never find one that looks right on me. You look so gorgeous! I love that you included other outfit ideas from Pinterest. Sometimes it's just difficult to make up your mind. And shopping at Costco is definitely the best!

  3. Over-sized sweaters, leggings and boots are my jam right now so this outfit is totally up my alley! That second Pinterest inspiration is me to a tee! Love it!

    1. Isn't that one the cutest?! I love it, too! Thanks for stopping by. =)

  4. Ooh this sweater is great! It looks so comfy and cozy, but still polished. I love the blazer look from IG. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Seriously... Costco. You just never know what amazing things you'll find there! I love how they look with the sweater and have just a little something extra to add some interest and polish.

    1. Isn't Costco the best?! I love scoring a great deal there! =)

  6. Tunics, leggings and boots are just the perfect autumn / winter outfit - great way to use b&w!!