Friday, January 23, 2015

{Blue} Friday Favorites: SEAHAWK edtion!

Are you so pumped for the SuperBowl next weekend?!? Eeeeek!! In all honesty, I'm still a little shocked after last Sunday's win. In fact, the whole season was shocking. We started out a little shaky and lost a few games....but they never gave up hope. They got "hot" at the right time and it's hard to doubt a team that shows when the going gets tough.
I'm going to start with my favorite....
Russell Wilson.
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He's a star. He's changed Seattle sports, and in my opinion, is the most generous, humble and giving athlete that's been a part of this community. Every Tuesday, he spends time at Seattle Children's hospital, visiting patients, making them smile and giving them a reason to find joy. Some may argue that sports figures aren't heroes. And I certainly won't compare them to military personel, firefighters and police officers, who put their lives on the line, daily. But, Wilson is a public figure who makes a difference in our community, and sets a positive example for people of all ages. For that reason, I think he makes a fantastic role model.
So, in thinking about the upcoming SuperBowl and the last "blue" Friday of the year, what kind of gear will you be sporting? I have a variety of things to choose from in my closet (see an example in THIS post), but I'm wondering what YOU are wearing??
My hubby will be sporting this jersey.
I just made my girls these adorable tutus. Brylie will wear a brown onesie that has been taped to look like a football, while Molly will sport her Seahawks long sleeved shirt.

I ordered custom bows for them, but they haven't arrived yet. When they do, I'll be sure to post a pic! Cannot wait!!
Here are some other ideas to keep you up with the Seahawks spirit.
These leggings are adorable! If you search on Etsy, you will find hundreds. I may need to rush order some before next week!!
Click HERE to order these adorable knit hat. I've seen many students wearing it and it's my favorite!!
If you aren't super into logo gear, this is a great alternative for something you could wear all winter with a pair of grey leggings. How cute and cozy!! Click HERE to order.
And I'm pretty much loving this infinity braided scarf!! So many choices!
Oh, and I'm also pretty excited about some custom Seahawks jamberry nails that I'm getting this week. I've never used them before and am interested to see how they hold up, for me. If you aren't into Jamberry, there are a ton of great polishes out there that would be perfect to support the Hawks.
Essie: Aruba Blue or Mojito Madness are both awesome choices!

 And one last pic of three of my kids with their adorable cousins...supporting their Seahawks, last week!
Let me know what you'll be wearing to the parties!
Have a great weekend, rest up, because next weekend  gonna be CRAZY!!!! Oh, and did I mention the SuperBowl is also my Brett's 7th birthday. See what I mean?! So much to celebrate.
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