Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Eve from Maui

Our Christmas Eve started unlike most other years....with a hike along the Maui coastline. I had really wanted to do a waterfall hike, but after doing a TON of research, we couldn't find any within a reasonable distance that were kid friendly. This hike, however, was very kid friendly!

And once we finished our early morning hike, it was back into bathing suits and sunscreen for another day on the beach.

Most days included sand castle building, boogie boarding, a little beach football, some sunbathing and even a beach walk.

Christmas Eve dinner was a delicious teriyaki meal. Perfect for Hawaii. And really, can you beat the setting?

We dressed in our Hawaiian best and got ready to meet up with some friends from home, who happened to be vacationing in Maui, to attend a Christmas Eve church service.

But first, some pictures.....

You may notice that there are no pictures of the boys in these pics. Turns out, that Jake got pretty sick while we were there. Starting the second day we were there, he developed a fever. I kept rubbing him down with my doTERRA oils, keeping him comfortable and hoping for the best, but he consistently got worse. Right before leaving for church, we decided he needed to be seen by a doctor. He was pretty miserable and we didn't want the rest of his vacation being ruined. Fever over 102, shivers, and not wanting to leave his bed, was no vacation.
I'm SO glad Adam took him! He had a bad ear infection and sinus infection. We were given a nasal spray and antibiotic, and I'm not kidding, within 24 hours, he was a brand new kid!!! Totally worth the $268 doctor bill (they didn't take our insurance!) to have a happy kiddo on vacation.

I wish there was a better picture of the two of us, but this is me and my dear friend, Myrna. She is an all-star substitute teacher in my building. The person I request every time I'm gone. Kids absolutely adore her...as do I! So fun to meet up with her and her beautiful family for church at Kihei Lutheran.

Came home from church and got everything ready for Santa.

And then baked and decorated cookies for Santa and the reindeer. I may have had a few, too. ;-)

We were set for a memorable Christmas on the island of Maui!
Stay tuned for our Christmas festivities. We spent the afternoon and evening at the Grand Wailea hotel for a luau--A-MA-ZING!!!!!!

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