Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 4 in Maui

Whew. We're back. And I'm SO sorry to have fallen behind. I do appreciate you readers, though! Sometimes I think I might be writing to myself, but when I disappear for a couple weeks and am greeted by emails, texts and messages wondering where I am, it makes a girl feel good!
Our kids ended up sleeping past 4:30am. Hallelujah. So, instead of blogging, I slept. I thought about blogging a lot, but I really wanted to enjoy every moment without a computer screen, so I took a little break. Thanks for understanding. =)
I feel like I have so much to write about....but I want to catch up on our Hawaii trip, so I'll start with that. Look for 2-3 posts a day for the next week or so, and then I'll get back to my normal routine.
I also have some NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS that I want to share with you! Ahhh!!! So much to do!!
But back to Maui. Oh, how I already miss you and it's only been a few days! This was our third day in Maui and we woke up to a rainy forecast. Boo! One of the things on my bucket list was to check out the Maui Ocean Center (i.e. coolest aquarium), so we took the morning to do that. I think all 14 of us enjoyed it!

Once we finished up there, we headed to Mickey D's for lunch. Because, why not?

And when it rains in Maui, it's still warm...so our little fish took the opportunity to jump into the pool!

The sun came back out in the afternoon and we headed to the park to get some energy out. I'm not kidding, the Banyan trees in Maui are absolutely amazing. I'd like a few in my yard. K, thanks.

It dried up enough for a little bocce ball in the yard and dinner on the patio.

With a gorgeous Maui sunset, on top!

I had to stop myself from taking a picture every, single, night. The sunsets are stunning and unreal. We would sit and eat dinner, looking out over the ocean and taking in the clouds, water, sun and moon, all in one.
Maui, I love you.

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