Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A "Great Wolf" Birthday Weekend

I'm super excited about this new linkup series, "Show and Tell Tuesdays," that Andrea is putting on. Every other Tuesday, she's doing a new theme and today is Ground Hog's day. What day would I like to repeat over and over. We had a GREAT weekend, the kind I would love to repeat, but unfortunately, we didn't have our girls with us. (They stayed with Grandma & Papa, since they are too little for most of the stuff in the park).  So, can I say I'd love to repeat this day, but add my girls in, too? #rulebreaker
This past weekend was not just special because of the SuperBowl, it was also special because our boy turned SEVEN! That's right. I can hardly believe it!!! I want to freeze time and just enjoy our kids at their current ages--9, 7, 3 & 1. Life is pretty great.
But, instead, we must move on!
Brett decided that he'd rather spend a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge, than have a birthday party. Can I get an Amen?? All the moms of the world are sighing a giant sigh of relief when their child decides to forego a birthday party. #amIright
To add to the fun, we invited some of our best friends to join us for the weekend, as a surprise to Brett. We had a complete blast, came back water logged, tired, sugared up, but oh-so-happy. Definitely one for the memory books!

My pictures, for the weekend, were very limited. A water park isn't exactly a good place to be bringing a camera.

It's safe to say we had a great time, though! My parents spoiled Brett with the birthday package....complete with a poster on the door, free arcade tickets, a birthday cake, underwater camera, build-a-bear, scrapbook and pizza. Serious, this place does birthdays big. Just my style!

Brett would say that his highlight was playing the Magic Quest game....you know, with those wand things?? The darn scavenger hunt is a doozy for the parents. Word to the wise, wear comfortable shoes and some workout clothes because that scavenger hunt will have you making 32894329 trips up and down the floors of the hotel.

We left in time to make it back to the SuperBowl, All of us with smiles on our faces and memories to last for a long time.
Happiest birthday to our boy, Brett Andrew. You make life better, every day.