Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday Favorites: Our Master Bath Renovation

For my Friday favorites post today, I'm picking my favorite room in my house. Does that count? When we moved into our house six years ago, the entire master bathroom and been ripped down to the studs. Apparently, the homeowners were planning to renovate, but instead got behind on payments and it became a short sale. Anyone who has bought a short sale knows that the trade off for a great deal, is that there will be work involved. I was secretly thrilled at the thought of this project! It's a weird feeling moving into someone's home and knowing that they've been using the bathrooms. Putting in a brand new bathroom, ensured that not only was everything new, it was the way we wanted.
I SO wish I had taken before pictures of the bathroom, but I didn't. I searched my files looking for the house listing, thinking I could post a picture from there, but I can't find that either. Just close your eyes and imagine a rectangular room, with even drywall ripped out. It was literally down to the studs. No flooring, no walls, just plumbing and electric hanging out of the walls.
We hired a co-worker of mine to put everything in and he was amazing! He took my ideas and put them to life. Especially with the custom mosaic on our shower floor. This was six years ago, so my color choices would probably change if I had to do it again. Remember my recent obsession with whites and greys and light tones?? But, I still love our bathroom! I took these pictures before I decorated it, so it seems a bit bare. And trust me, you wouldn't want to see it now. It's desperately in need of a deep clean!

My favorite part of our bathroom is our large shower. It's really nice to have more space and not be cramped in a stand up shower, like we had at our old house. The kids would say their favorite is the Jacuzzi tub. They've had 375892692 baths in there over the years! ;-)

The travertine tile has been a dream to keep clean. It's shiny, wipeable surface comes clean with a Swiffer, no problem. We debated about heating flooring, but our contractor recommended against it....only because he had seen so many problems that can't be fixed without ripping the floors out. I can honestly say, that I haven't missed them. The rug in front of our vanity, keeps our feet warm in the winter. We take it out in the summer and the tiles feel nice and cool on hot days.

My only plans for this room, is to update the paint with our new grey color. I think the stone has enough grey in it, that the colors will go together well. Six years is a long time with no change, and I'm ready! Stay tuned for "after" pics.

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  1. Totally swooning over here!! Your bathroom looks like a dream I would never leave! Set up a little chair and I would totally use it as my blogging office :)

    1. Now that's not a bad idea!! And if I lock the door, maybe no one will disturb me while I work! =) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. My jaw literally dropped. I want to live in your bathroom. It looks amazing.