Monday, February 16, 2015

Our love story

I'm participating in another Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea and this time, the topic couldn't be more perfect for Valentine's Day.
The story of how Adam and I met....
I know all love stories are great, but I love ours the most! (Did I hear that quote somewhere??)
Here goes....
I was doing my "Pre-Autumn Field Experience" at the high school where Adam was coaching football. He was teaching at a neighboring junior high. Anyway, I ate lunch with a couple of the football coaches and they started putting a bug in my ear that they knew a single, eligible guy who would be perfect. Ha! Not interested. Several of my students, who happened to be on the football team, started putting the bug in my ear, too. Apparently, word gets around! Suddenly, I felt pressure in all directions. Because I was only at this high school for 3 weeks, I had to make a decision before I headed back to college. Finally, the last week that I was at the school, I agreed to meet this coach named Adam. I knew nothing about him, other than he was cute and had a great smile. And that came from several of the female teachers on the staff, not his fellow coaches. Ha!
I got his phone number and gave him a call that night. Turns out he was on a softball team and answered his phone mid-game. About 2 minutes into our conversation, he says, "hey, I'm up to bat, can I call you back?" Um, what?!? Why he answered in the first place, is beyond me! So, he called me back that night and we chatted for a few minutes. He seemed nice and we agreed to meet after the football game that Friday night. Neither one of us knew anything about the other person and it was a little scary/exciting to be set up on a blind date.
Fast forward to Friday night. I nervously sat at the game with a few friends and tried to spot Adam on the field. It felt like there were 4793164 coaches and I couldn't tell who was who. After the game, I waited over by the locker room, like we had planned, and waited for what felt like a loooong time! I was standing next to a couple, who turned out to be my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (now wife). They didn't know I was waiting for Adam, and they were waiting to congratulate him, too. How funny! When Adam came out, it was so fun for me. He was really cute and SO nice! It felt like we'd known eachn other forever. I was introduced to his brother and then we headed to Adam's car. When we got in, I realized that we'd never really decided where we would go, and figured we'd grab dinner somewhere. Adam had other plans. I distinctly remember him saying that one of his best buddies was having a housewarming party, and although it might be awkward for me, would I mind if we at least stopped by and then we could leave and grab dinner. <insert wide eyed emoji> Sure, no problem, I can be flexible. What he then mentioned.....was that we were driving 45 minutes away! What?! First date? Blind date? I still can't believe I agreed to this with a stranger! But, I did and we had the greatest conversation on the way up. 45 minutes flew by and before I knew it, we were there.
Walking up to the front door, I was nervous. Here we are, far from home, and not only would I not know anyone there....I hardly knew my date! Oh boy! The next few minutes were crazy. When the door opened, we were greeted by a very familiar face. What?!? Jamie! Turns out, we had a mutual friend from college. As a side note, we had already determined, on the ride up, that we attended the same college, and had the same major. Crazy, right?! He was 3 years ahead of me, so we didn't have any classes together, but it turns out we had a ton of mutual friends. Jamie was confused. After both giving him a hug (turns out, it was his house warming party), he said, "how do you guys know eachother?" "We don't!" we both replied. It was funny how many times we were asked and gave this line throughout the night. I knew at least half of the people at this party! We had such a great time, that we decided not to head to dinner, but to stay and hang out instead. It was fun catching up with people that I'd known from college and it was a really great night.
When the party was over, we had a long drive home to chat and laugh about the crazy coincidences of our lives. How had our paths not crossed? He was on the baseball team at our college and I had been to several games, so it was weird to think I'd watched my future husband play, and had no idea. He drove me all the way to my parents house, which was 30 minutes past his apartment, so an hour out of the way.....and was the perfect gentleman when he dropped me off. We chatted about the fact that I had to head back to college, to start my senior year, in 3 days, and we should try to get together again before then. I gave him a big hug and left the car with a smile on my face.
I knew I'd found the one. Without a doubt, 100%, he was it.

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