Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend in review

I can't believe the weekend is over and we are already back to the grind! It was one of those weekends where we had a lot going on, and tackled so many projects, that it just whizzed by! We have been living in a partial kitchen all weekend, as our kitchen renovation is well underway. Monday morning, it will be completely sealed off and we won't have access to anything for the week. Wish me (us) luck!! We are super thankful for our neighbors who have offered to rescue us this week and will feed us, so we don't have to eat out every night!
Just a quick recap, as I didn't take a ton of pictures. Friday night was pretty special....our family friends flew out, from Minnesota, and we enjoyed dinner and great company at my parent's house. The only "people picture" that I got was of all these boys before they had to jet out for a football game. They missed the delicious crab feed, and instead feasted on pizza. ;-)
I'm not kidding, when my mom does dinner, it's always amazing. Always. One of our favorite Seattle restaurants is called "The Crab Pot" and my mom used that as inspiration for the evening. A ton of fresh seafood, just dumped out on the table. Everyone uses their fingers and gets a knife, fork and dipping butter. I'm pretty sure I consumed enough crab to feed an entire football team. My FAVORITE!

Saturday was the day to continue to tackle house projects. We picked out the crown molding for the top of our kitchen cabinets. This turned out to be a job much bigger than we could take on ourselves. After over 2 hours, and at least 30 cuts on wood, we realized the job would have to be handled by a professional! My dad is pretty amazing and gave it his best shot. It's definitely not as easy as it looks!!

Picking out kitchen hardware, was also on my to-do list.

It feels like we are living in the midst of chaos, as there are drop cloths, ladders, tapped floors, plastic celings and construction tools everywhere in our house!! I will be happy when we get to the finished project! Keeping two toddlers away from everything and confining them to small spaces is no easy task!

Here's our kitchen mid-progress. Cabinet fronts removed, countertops covered, the cabinet above our desk was removed (far right) and hardwoods covered. Since this picture, the molding was also removed and there is plastic wrap everywhere. Drawers are emptied and there is no more refrigerator. Sounds fun, huh.

We were invited over to a friends' house for pizza on Saturday afternoon and we had such a great time. I took just the younger three while Adam finished tasks around the house and Jake attended a birthday party.
Saturday nights are always baseball practice for Adam and Jake. This is a lazy night for me and the other three. It's turned into a fun tradition of baths and lots of reading. I love that Brett reads to Molly. Nothing better than to walk into this!

And when we are done getting the girls down, we pop popcorn and read. I just finished a book and am excited to start on the new one that my book club picked out for the month...The Orphan Train. Love to hear your thoughts on this book!

Sunday was filled with more football games, more projects and more corralling children. My dad worked on our molding while I attempted to keep my girls out of the way.

So then we went out to clean my car. This was my task for the #40bagsin40days challenge. I gave the girls wipes and had them wipe everything down, while I cleaned out the rest. They were happy to be my helpers.

We did, actually, take breaks to play outside and run around. I absolutely love our neighborhood. Jake spent about 2 hours riding bikes with some kids and then playing a neighborhood game of basketball. Brett spent the day on a 10-hour birthday excursion with Adam's mom, "Noni", and had the time of his life!

While the kids played, we attempted to stay busy and productive.

And we ended a fun/busy weekend with dinner out with the kids. Whew. I'm hoping to have more progress pictures in the coming week. Tomorrow, I'm going to show you all of the d├ęcor pieces I have picked out and/or am dreaming about. I need your help deciding what to put in our new spaces!!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Sounds like you guys got so much done! I know you'll be so excited to get your kitchen done but I can only imagine the chaos of keeping your kids out of the chaos. Good luck!

    1. Yes, the kids have definitely been the most challenging part!!

  2. I read The Orphan Train last year. SO SO good. Enjoy it!

    1. Good to know! So far, I'm really enjoying it, too! =)

  3. Your weekend looks SO good! I hope this weekend treats you just as well :)

  4. You are one bust mama, and it can't imagine trying to manage the toddlers during a home Reno . . . You have my sympathies!!!

  5. What a beautiful dinner view and that food looks amazing! The stress of home remodeling will be so worth it but it is so hard when you are in the midst of it with little kids. Good luck...can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to post the finished product!