Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend recap

Mondays are always difficult for me. Especially when I wake up to rain. Blah. But, we had a great weekend...very productive!
Here's a quick recap....
Friday, because, really, that's when I start calling things the weekend, I did a little meal planning. Thank you, Pinterest. I made a shopping list and headed to the store for the essentials. I used to do this on Mondays, but I dreaded heading to the store on Monday afternoons, so I moved it to Friday and it seems to work better. Besides, I love knowing exactly what we will be eating, before the work week starts.
As a side note, ignore the scratches on my dining room table. My kids use this for homework, art, etc and my plan is to refinish it, sometime in the near future. We'll see.
Our weekend also consisted of painting. Lots of painting. We settled on a Benjamin Moore color {revere pewter} and we got a TON done. Despite children running around, we managed to paint almost our entire first floor. #winning


Here's a sneak peek at one of our hallways, showing the new color. I'm in love.
Our weekend also consisted of sporting events. Lots of sporting events. One basketball game, three football games, one baseball practice and a team picture. Whew.
Because we have such good sideline supporters, we treated the kids to Happy Donuts on Saturday. Yum.

And I mean, really? This was the view from Jake's football game on Sunday. Does it get much better?

The sunshine came back and suddenly, I had a hard time remembering that it was the beginning of February. Felt a lot more like April or May!

While we painted, these kids jumped and jumped and jumped. Sometimes in their princess dresses. I'm not kidding, they were outside for about 9 hours yesterday and only came in for lunch.

And one final note to self: when a toddler is silent for an extended period of time, be worried.

I hope you have a fantastic week!! Stay tuned for some new recipes coming up on the blog, tomorrow!
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  1. We painted our bedroom revere pewter a few months ago {I'm still not done decorating yet!} but I love the color! I want to paint the rest of our house in it but having a hard time convincing the hubs! We had great weather in SC this weekend and I don't have kids but the dogs loved being out in the sunshine too!

  2. The hallway color looks great! And I think sweet treats make everything more fun!