Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You know you are a mom to many small children

when you rejoice over....

-a good night's sleep that includes waking less than three times, getting up to pee only once and not sleeping through the alarm in the morning

- only one of your kids puking and somehow (miraculously) the others have managing to avoid the sickness.

-a trip to Costco with a bill under $400

-painted fingernails that last longer than a day or two

-a mopped floor. And by mopped, I mean that a cup of water spilled, so grabbing a rag to wipe the spot up on the floor.

-a bedtime routine that only involves 4 trips up the stairs, 2 cups of water and one more story

-a meal at the table that lasts longer than 5 minutes, before someone has thrown their plate, declared they are done or arguing has ensued, ending the conversation.

-a vaccummed living room without any lego pieces clogging the vacuum

-a trip to the grocery store that doesn't involve an injury, a tear or a tantrum

-showering two days in a row, putting on make up and actually straighting your hair

-walking into the bathroom with the lid down, no toilet paper on the floor or lingering in the toilet, and no pee to wipe off the seat.

-a weekend with no kid's birthday parties.

-only one of your children ending up in your bed, in the middle of the night

-vacuuming out all of the crumbs from your car and successfully serving a McDonald's lunch without adding more

-going 12 hours without having to do one load of laundry

-your house not looking like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina and  actually being at a presentable state, where people could come over. For 10 minutes.

-calling each of your kids by their actual name on the first try

-a RedBox movie, a cheap bottle of wine and microwave popcorn, as the perfect date night.

-finding $10 in the back pocket of your jeans and immediately heading to Starbucks

-silence that lasts more than 15 minutes
-meeting your $3,000 medical deductible, so you can have unlimited dr visits for the rest of the year
-BOGO meals at restaurants
-an hour long "Sofia the First" episode, so you can take a quick snooze on the couch
But, in all honesty, I wouldn't change a thing. Promise!
What small feats do you rejoice over, moms??

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