Sunday, March 29, 2015

The weekend

Wanna know what the best part about this weekend is? It's not over!!! Yes, that's's spring break! We are off on some adventures this week, so stay tuned for pictures!
Friday started with sunshine, 73 degree temps and a fresh, clean kitchen. Speaking of which, I know that I haven't posted "after" pics, but I will, soon! We have a few more decorative pieces to finish up, including our shelving. And then, I will. Pinky promise!
Friday afternoon, our biggest boy was awarded a Student of the Month award at school. He received it for dedication. I think that word describes him, perfectly. I know the quality of this picture is terrible, but the girls were so proud of him and wanted to sit on his lap during the entire one hour assembly. Secretly, I think he was really excited to show them off.

Love this boy and the dedication he shows in school, with sports, our family and our church.

And again, terrible quality, but how cute is this? He insisted on holding his littlest sister and looks so comfortable doing so. He's going to make the best babysitter by next year!!

Friday afternoon, I noticed runny noses and coughs in both my girls. Just in time for Spring Break. Booo! Needless to say, I started on my oil regime, determined to get rid of the sickness ASAP. This diffuse concoction was: Wild Orange, On Guard, Breathe and Eucalyptus. Smells heavenly.

Saturday, was a true miracle! No sports until mid-afternoon. We spent the morning, deep cleaning the downstairs while our kids all played outside with the neighbors. Seriously, everyone needs good neighbors. They entertain each other, while we get things done around the house.
While the big boys were at baseball practice and baby sis was napping, these two decided to make banana muffins. I was busy cleaning out some plastic tubs, so I told them the only rules were that they do it on their own. 100%. I agreed to be in charge of the oven, everything else, was Brett. He did so great!!

These were some of the best banana muffins I've ever had!!!

This should have been a sign that something was wrong. I found Brylie sleeping on her floor, on Saturday afternoon, after her nap.

Saturday night, included a quick shopping trip down to the #jbf sale for the "1/2 price party" (I found about 10 more items, for a total of $18!!!) and then we had some good friends over for dinner and to watch the tournament. I love that our kids are all old enough that they can keep themselves entertained while we visit.
Sunday, the girls picked out their outfits from the JBF sale, to wear to church. How cute are they??! I mean!!

Molly and I attended a jewelry party up at my cousin's house (fun mommy/daughter day), and then we headed to my parent's house for dinner. While there, I noticed that Brylie seemed to be developing a fever. Poor baby girl! It went from 101 to almost 103 in about an hour. So, of course, I headed to urgent care with her. Remember she's got a kidney condition that requires doctor attention with any fever over 100 degrees. Needless to say, the doctor visit made me a little nervous. Turns out, baby girl has a double ear infection. It's almost a relief to hear those words, as crazy as that sounds.
We are looking forward to a fun week, less sickness and hopefully a little more sunshine!!! What are you up to this week? Any other spring breakers out there?!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our FAVORITE consignment sale buys!

Whoa. It's Friday! This week just flew by for me!! This consignment sale business is serious work, My plan for today's favorites was to show you ALL of the items that I bought. However, after volunteering for 4 hours at the sale, and then coming home to do bedtime with all the kids, I'm wiped. Instead, I'm doing my 5 favorite items for both girls.
I didn't even bother shopping for the boys, for a couple of reasons. First, there isn't a huge selection of clothes in the boy section for sizes 8-10. Second, they only wear basketball shorts and t-shirts. Last, They have waaay too many clothes, as is.
But, girls, on the other hand, love everything, wear anything and are super fun to buy clothes for!!I was like a kid in a candy store! I have some great tips for buying used, and I do plan to show my entire lot next week, but for now, my 5 favorite/best buys!!
Brylie's FIVE favorite JBF deals
Brand: Matilda Jane
Price: $22
This is by far, my favorite buy from the sale. No, it's not typical consignment prices, but considering it's brand new (with tags), it's an amazing deal! A Matilda Jane dress can run anywhere from $55-120. I cannot wait to see Brylie wear this!

Brand: Gymboree
Price: $3
I mean, how cute is this halter sun dress?! And for $3, it's such a great deal!! If Brylie ends up with the same style as Molly, she'll be in a sun dress every day of the summer!

Brand: Gymboree
Price: $2
Again, can you handle the cuteness?! I'm loving the ruffles for spring/summer and think this will be cute with jeggings, leggings or even jean shorts.

Brand: Carters
Price: $5
This came as a two piece outfit, so it's an amazing deal. I'm not sure if you can see, but there are little white bunnies all over this blouse. I love it!!! These jeggings will get tons of use!

Brand: Salt Waters
Price: $2
These might be the deal of the night. Retail price is $38, so I saved $36. They are in great condition! My girls lived in these last summer and I expect they will do the same again this year.
Molly's FIVE favorite JBF deals
Brand: GAP
Price: $10
I've been on the hunt for a cute denim jacket for Molly. I ended up with two different ones at the cash register, and ultimately went with this one. So glad I did! I think she's going to get a ton of use out of it. Especially because she insists on wearing dresses every day. This will at least give her a little warmth!
Brand: Circo
Price: $3
I love this swimsuit so much that I want it in my size!!! I couldn't believe the price! This is why consignment is such a cool thing! It was in nearly perfect condition---Molly gasped when she saw it!

Brand: Blueberri
Price: $3
When I asked Molly to pick her favorite item, she chose this. I had her wear it today with her denim jacket and it was ridiculously cute! Oh my.

Brand: GAP
Price: $4.50
Again, I love this so much! Chambray and yellow all in one. Yes, please! It's not ironed yet (just pulled it all from the wash), but once it is, this dress will be perfection.

Brand: GAP
Price: $4.50
Raise your hand if you remember jelly shoes from childhood? These are the cutest! I love the peach color and am having MAJOR buyers remorse that I didn't buy the navy blue pair that was there, as well.

I'll fill you in on my tips and tricks for getting the best deals, and I'll give you an update on how much money I've made consigning my items. But first, let's enjoy the weekend, the sunshine and the start of spring break!!! I can hardly contain myself, I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

I had so much fun with last week's "Thoughts for Thursday" post, that I decided to do another this week. So without further ado, here are my thoughts...

for Thursday.
(Adapted from The Larson Lingo)

[What I'm eating]
There is something about the weather warming up, that brings me out of my cozy crockpot meals and into fresh salads! One of my all time favorites is the delicious taco salad. We use ground turkey to make it a little healthier. My massive dollop of sour cream probably negates all healthiness, however. 


[What I've been up to]
I've posted quite a bit about the big consignment sale that I prepped almost 400 items of clothes to sell. Well, tonight, I got to do some pre-sale shopping. Oh my goodness. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for the purchases! I always have some favorites and some amazing deals. Tomorrow, I'll share the details, but my favorite would definitely be the brand-new Matilda Jane dress (dying of cuteness over here!!!) and the deal of the night was a nearly new pair of dark pink Saltwater sandals for $2!!! Molly was just asking to buy them today, at Fred Meyer, and they were $38.
#bargainshopper #whatwhat

[What I'm wearing]
Well, this wasn't exactly today, but it very well could have been. I looooove plaid. And I'm also loving my black skinny jeans. Pair them together, and it's near perfection. This gloomy wet weather, has me in my warmer clothes, still. Come on summer!!!

[What I'm working on]
Oh man, you might think I was pregnant with all the purging and organizing I've been doing. Today, I cleaned out and organized our china cabinet. I love the #40bagsin40days challenge because it forces me to do one area at a time. Hopefully, by the end, my whole house will be clean! Just in time to start over again.
#when youhave4kidsproblems

[What I'm reading]
This isn't a new book, but so far, it's a great read. When I posted about it the other day, I had so many comments and emails about your love for this book. Glad I'm not alone!! And thank you for the suggestions on my Facebook page the other day. I've got more on my list.
At the consignment sale tonight, I picked up a couple more books that I've been meaning to read. Excited to start these, too!

[What I'm excited about]
 Spring Break!! Holla! I can't wait for a relaxing week with the family. We plan to head to Ocean Shores with some friends and might even stay the night in Seattle, too. No other big plans besides baseball practice and getting some projects done around the house. Definitely ready to relax!!

[What I'm listening to]
Yes, this. Buy it now. You won't be sorry! I think I love every single song on here! And have no problems belting them out in the car. My kids are the same. ;-)

[What else is new]
My girls do a toddler gymnastics class at the YMCA a couple mornings a week. Today, was the annual Easter egg hunt during class. Our nanny dressed the girls up and then sent me this adorable picture. Gah. I can't get enough!! The cuteness factor is on high!!

Thanks for getting through my randomness! ;-) Have a great Thursday, friends!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pregnancy, from a man's perspective

This is a first on my blog. Yes friends, my very first guest post....and I'm really excited to share it with you. Even better? It's a male perspective! It's not often that you hear from males in the blogging world and sometimes, it's a little refreshing. My friend Kyle is funny, light-hearted and a really great writer. I'm super excited to share this post with you.
He's working on a book right now and I'm hoping to share more bits and pieces with you. His wife Melinda is also a great friend of mine. They are due with their second baby (a boy!) in the next few weeks, and Kyle is referencing this pregnancy throughout the story. Enjoy!
As a pregnant man you have a ton of responsibilities.  Um, wait I will come up with one.  Ah, worrying.  Worry about money, how are you going to afford the doctor’s bills, daycare, insurance, much less diapers, and most of all the little peanut inside your wife’s womb.  There are so many unknowns, boy or girl, green eyes or blue, are they healthy?
As my wife and I found out, all of the other things we worried about were inconsequential comparatively to that last, the baby healthy. 
I am a planner.  So, we had a budget set, names picked out and even the timing of the birth decided.  Since my wife works for a school district we even planned our conception according to the birthdate that would suite us best, Spring.  If our little guy or gal was born in April or May the maternity leave would transition right into summer, in other words 4 month off, paid!  So, when July rolled around it was go time.  Just as we planned it we found out August 9, 2014.   We nailed it! Boom, I got her pregnant! Everything was going to according to OUR plan.  However, our plan was interrupted.
During a routine Doppler exam, listening to our baby’s heartbeat the doctor notice something.  Something that hadn’t been there before.  As he quickly grabbed the nurse and instructed, with a firm tone, to “call the Northwest Children’s Cardiology and make an appointment for the soonest available time,” the nurse hesitated.  His response couldn’t have been more imperative “You have 2 minutes before they close to get ahold of them.  Why are you still standing here? Go!”  My wife already in tears was told that our son’s heart was skipping.  Every 8 beats there was an arrhythmia.  But, in our doctor’s normal candor he told her, “It’s nothing to worry about yet.” Yeah right. 
She was sent home with some literature on a condition called PAC (Premature Atrial Contractions).  There is a ton of information on the internet about PAC’s, fortunately, we took our doctor’s advice and avoided google.  Instead, we read the medical journal he suggested, which informed us that this COULD be normal and does occur in most pregnancies, but goes unnoticed.  It can be caused by stress or too much caffeine.  It can also be caused by a malformation of the heart in the fetus.   Our worries we feared were warranted. 

In the medical journal there was an excerpt that I took particular notice to “the condition may only last for 2-3 hours.” What were the chances that we hit the lottery and the doctor was monitoring the heart during the 2-3 hour window when this was occurring? Evidently pretty good.

This happened the day before I was leaving for a bachelor party weekend and was not going to leave my wife alone to worry about this on her own for 5 days without me.  Other than the responsibility of worrying, as men our other job, is to make sure that our wives are taken care of.  Although I was totally freaking out I lifted my head high, told my wife that I was confident everything was going to be fine and I was sure that it was an anomaly.  I wasn’t sure.  But, I grasped onto that phrase from the medical journal and scheduled a follow up appointment with our doctor the next day.  Then, I prayed.

Our doctor’s face as we entered the exam room was stiff with a plastic smile.  Usually, he is excited to see us, he jokes as we go through the routine exams.  This day, he looked like a figurine from Mother Truseaux’s Wax Museum.  I imagine he thought that I was torturing my wife by making her listen to our baby’s condition again.  And he shrugged off my suggestion that the arrhythmia not be consistent according to the article he had us read.  As he placed the Doppler on my wife’s protruding belly I closed my eyes.

I shut out the world as I focused all my effort listening to each swoosh coming from the speaker of Doppler wand.  A typical fetus heartbeat at 6 months is between 120-180 beats per minutes.  Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, I started counting.


Trying to keep an 8 count at 160 beats per minute felt like trying to keep track of a hummingbirds wings.  But, I never heard it stop, there was no inconsistency.  I finally took a breath and looked at the doctor.  He was confused and stuttered through an explanation asking my wife to confirm what they both had heard.  I didn’t care, I had done my job.

A week later our pediatric cardiologist confirmed the results, our baby’s heart was perfectly formed.  We shed tears of relief.  Although we had agonized of what could be wrong and prepared ourselves for bad news. Our worries were not as we feared, all we had was bad timing.
See what I mean?? He's good! Thanks, Kyle! We are all praying for that sweet baby boy! And for a healthy and smooth delivery for your rock-star of a wife!
I also am excited to share that I was a featured blogger on last week's "Waiting on Wednesday" linkup. Please check Holly's blog. She's a total inspiration!
Also linking up with: Julie, Rosilind, Jenny, Victoria. Michelle

Monday, March 23, 2015

The denim jacket: A closet staple

I decided to do an entire post about denim jackets because I love them so much. I really think they are a staple in every woman's closet.
Yes, I'm serious.
I own three of them and probably have one on at least once a week. The thing about denim jackets is that they work in almost any season (especially here in the Pacific Northwest where it doesn't get crazy cold in the winter). You can dress them up, dress them down, wear with shorts, pants, leggings or skirts. See what I mean? Versatile, fun, you need one. Done.
Here are the two denim jackets I've gotten from Stitch Fix. The first I got last fall (click here for my full review) and the lighter one I got in last month's fix (click here to see that review). It's my favorite, by far, because it's stretchy, soft and comfortable!
I scoured Pinterest looking for some ideas and I found some outfit inspirations that I LOVE!

And if you are in the market for a new denim jacket, may I suggest a few for you? Perfect, thanks. Here you go!
Nordstrom is a go-to for staple pieces, because listen, if you want it to last, you're going to have to pay a little more. And that's really the bottom line. Feel free to go cheap (no judgment here), but it won't last as long. I can almost promise you that. I'm loving the cut and wash on this (click picture to order).
Oh, GAP, you never do me wrong!
And if you'd like to try out a jacket, but don't want the investment, seriously, click on this picture. Um, less than $12!!!! Hurry before the stock runs out!!!
See what I mean? We're all loving the denim jacket. What's your favorite way to wear one?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


We had another great weekend. A full weekend, but definitely fun! Friday night started with BINGO night at our boys' school. Last year, Molly went to BINGO night and wasn't exactly on her best behavior. Ahem. Needless to say, Brett insisted that she not be allowed to return again this year, as a punishment for her poor behavior last year (thank you, Mr. Policeman Brett).
When the boys all left, the girls and I decided to have ladies night. You know you are a mom, when you look forward to pajamas by 5pm, baking a cake, painting nails and a good classic movie....The Little Mermaid. Yes, we had a great night. And no, I'm not ashamed of my 2-piece flannel pink leopard jammies. I love them.

You can never have too many sprinkles. I mean, really.

At BINGO night, the gym was completely packed, and my kids had a blast! Adam kept texting me with updates about the boys, which included, "Brett just had a hot dog" and "Brett now wants a snickers!". Haha. Typical. The highlight of the night was when Brett got a BINGO! So much fun!! He got to pick a basket (each classroom donated a basket with a theme), and Brett chose the "baking basket". No surprise there!
Saturday included a basketball tournament, baseball practice and a fun night of BBQing and enjoying the sun.


Sunday was church, and because my kids rarely all dress up and look put together, I insisted on taking a picture in front of the garage before we left. Nevermind that Molly doesn't have shoes on. Adam was running around looking for them, as I was snapping the pics. Never a dull moment.

Sunday evening, a group of neighbor girls got together for our monthly book club and we surprised one of them with a little baby shower. I'm secretly excited to have a sweet new baby boy across the street from me, so I can get some baby snuggles, soon! Our group was little small tonight, but it was fun, nonetheless! We just discussed "Orphan Train" (which was really good!) and are now looking for our April book. Ideas welcome, please! Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of "Reedeming Love" and am really enjoying it, for any of you looking for a good read.

Okay, I'm exhausted and am mentally preparing myself for a crazy week! This is the big "Just Between Friends" sale and I officially have prepared 347 tags for clothing to take down and sell. I'm also volunteering this week. Eeek! Happy Monday, friends!