Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend highlights...and more home projects!

This might go down as one of my favorite weekends in a long time! The funny thing is that we didn't do anything monumental, just lots of family time. Friday, the girls and I met up with friends for a beautiful walk and donuts at our very favorite local bakery. Look at all these cute kids!

That night, Adam picked up pizza on his way home from conferences and we got in our jammies for a family movie night--we watched, "The Book of Life." Our biggest boy headed to skate night with some friends, so he didn't join us until late. 

Saturday morning was our last basketball game of the season (Amen!). I have to laugh at Brylie. I went to pretty much any length to get her to be quiet and stay still during the games, even if it meant sacrificing the organization of my purse. And she attended lots of them, this season!

It's safe to say that our team had an amazing season! They dominated the rec league and were really competitive in their tougher league this season. So proud of these boys and, not only their play on the court, but their character. They are a group of awesome 9 & 10 year old boys!!

After the game, we met at the park for an untraditional "banquet" of sorts. Seriously blessed by our coach and the fun families with which we spent the entire season. The coach talked about each player and my favorite part of what he said about Jake, was when he referred to him as his smooth operator...not getting rattled by much and always having his head in the game.

And how cute are these girlies who sat through a long season of often 3 games a week!? I think they deserve awards, too!

Saturday continued with a baseball practice, lots of outdoor play (yes, I was the cool mom that jumped on the trampoline for over an HOUR with my kids), and then a night out with friends. Bless our babysitter's heart. She took on all four kids at dinner time, putting them to bed and managing to keep things together! She's a saint! I'm not sure if I could handle all of that at 18 years old. ;-)
Sunday, our plan was to head to church and then to pick out our appliances. However, because of the time change and then the need for naps (the kids were up much later than usual with the sitter), we headed directly to get our appliances to make it home in time. You guys, I'm not kidding, and I'm sorry if you are sick of me mentioning it, but this weather!!! It's SO incredible! Today was almost 70 degrees!!! We celebrated with a stop at Starbucks with the kids.

And if you are wondering why we have a child next to me in the car, we were in Adam's truck (the only way to pick up appliances). There are no other options than to have Jake in the middle front (yes, there is a seatbelt) and 2 carseats and a booster (very tight) in the bench behind us. Thankfully, it's rare that we all do this!

This is how Brylie feels about being squished like sardines!

 Finally, we got home, put the girls down for naps and I started on a major project....

Did I mention I bought a new (to us) dining room table?! Yes. As if kitchen renovations weren't enough for us! ;-) I bought chalk paint and started on a 5-hour project to transform the table. I haven't gotten to the table top yet, but I'm super excited about the way the chairs turned out. I'll do an entire post about this project, later this week, but here are a few sneak peeks. Stay tuned for lots more!!

The kids didn't come inside today, except to use the bathroom or get water. Otherwise, it was outside only! My husband is amazing and during my painting project, he entertained all of the kids for 5 hours. He took them on a bike ride, jumped on the trampoline, threw pitches in the batting cage, played basketball, chase and  pushed them on the swings. He even BBQ'd dinner! He's a keeper, I tell ya! 


So, here's to starting the week on a high note! Hope your weekend was fabulous, too!



  1. Brylie in those sunglasses - adorable!! Congrats to Jake on a great season. I cannot wait to see the end result with that dining room table! Have a great week, Kelly.

  2. I love it :) Family time is something I LOVE.. Being outside with other kids and playing is so much fun.. Love this great weather.. Looks like a blast


  3. So many adorable kids! Looks like such a good weekend :)