Sunday, March 22, 2015


We had another great weekend. A full weekend, but definitely fun! Friday night started with BINGO night at our boys' school. Last year, Molly went to BINGO night and wasn't exactly on her best behavior. Ahem. Needless to say, Brett insisted that she not be allowed to return again this year, as a punishment for her poor behavior last year (thank you, Mr. Policeman Brett).
When the boys all left, the girls and I decided to have ladies night. You know you are a mom, when you look forward to pajamas by 5pm, baking a cake, painting nails and a good classic movie....The Little Mermaid. Yes, we had a great night. And no, I'm not ashamed of my 2-piece flannel pink leopard jammies. I love them.

You can never have too many sprinkles. I mean, really.

At BINGO night, the gym was completely packed, and my kids had a blast! Adam kept texting me with updates about the boys, which included, "Brett just had a hot dog" and "Brett now wants a snickers!". Haha. Typical. The highlight of the night was when Brett got a BINGO! So much fun!! He got to pick a basket (each classroom donated a basket with a theme), and Brett chose the "baking basket". No surprise there!
Saturday included a basketball tournament, baseball practice and a fun night of BBQing and enjoying the sun.


Sunday was church, and because my kids rarely all dress up and look put together, I insisted on taking a picture in front of the garage before we left. Nevermind that Molly doesn't have shoes on. Adam was running around looking for them, as I was snapping the pics. Never a dull moment.

Sunday evening, a group of neighbor girls got together for our monthly book club and we surprised one of them with a little baby shower. I'm secretly excited to have a sweet new baby boy across the street from me, so I can get some baby snuggles, soon! Our group was little small tonight, but it was fun, nonetheless! We just discussed "Orphan Train" (which was really good!) and are now looking for our April book. Ideas welcome, please! Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of "Reedeming Love" and am really enjoying it, for any of you looking for a good read.

Okay, I'm exhausted and am mentally preparing myself for a crazy week! This is the big "Just Between Friends" sale and I officially have prepared 347 tags for clothing to take down and sell. I'm also volunteering this week. Eeek! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. That cracks me up that she's not wearing shoes! But they all look so cute!!

  2. Seriously you can never have too many sprinkles! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks like such a fun weekend. love the ladies night withthe lil mermaid and cake. There is no such thing as too many sprinkles! I watched the lil mermaid on Sunday and it brought back so many awesome memories. Hope you have a great Monday.

  4. Good luck this week! Looks like a fun filled weekend you had! And that BBQ meal looks so yummy!

  5. Looks like such a fun girls night! All your kiddos are really adorable. Thanks for linking up with me on Monday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle