Thursday, April 30, 2015

{FIVE} on Friday

Hello, weekend!

We've got a full forecast of sun, which is a huge blessing for a couple of important celebrations this weekend. My nephew is celebrating his first birthday, tomorrow....and I'm throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends, on Sunday.

So, yes, sunshine is exactly what we needed!

I'm excited to share several of my favorite things from this week. As a side note: I'm on the hunt for a new brush for my 3-year old daughter's hair. We've gotten to the point of tears after almost every bath because of tangles. We're using a detangler spray, but I think the brush is the problem. She has really long hair and I can't find something that won't hurt her when we brush it out. If you have any ideas for me, please leave them in the comments!! I want to be able to share a new favorite brush sometime soon! XO


Maybe because it's Friday, I've got margaritas on the mind. Or maybe I just love a good margarita!? But, this, my friends, is one of our favorite drinks! I try to save it for special occasions, but it's sooooo, sooooo good! It comes pre-mixed, from Costco, and just requires you to pour it over ice. If you are feeling fancy, put it in a margarita glass with a salt-rimmed lip. Delish! You're welcome.


IKEA Shelving! First of all, I love IKEA. I'm not a big IKEA furniture person, but I really love some of their simple d├ęcor and organizational items. I was looking for shelving for our kitchen (where we ripped out upper cabinets), and these were perfect. This is just a little sneak peek, because I'm almost ready to share our entire kitchen, but I'm really happy with how they turned out.


Who doesn't love these gorgeous Kate Spade earrings?! So cute, right?! Well, the price tag is a little steep and because I'd want them in several colors, it just isn't in my budget. But, these beauties are! And seriously, you can't tell the difference! For $2.88! I saw some fellow bloggers posting about these and had to swing by WalMart to snatch up a few pair! I bought aqua, coral and bright pink, but may go back for black, as well. So great!



I love this sign, but I love, even more, that we only have 32 school days left! And if you are reading this at the end of the day on Friday, we only have 31. Yes, please!! And incase any of you locals are reading this, did you see that we don't go back until September 8th?! Hello, long summer!


This boy. He's one of my favorites. "Mom, will you take my picture so I'll never forget this day." He's been working really hard to move up to the next swimming level and he finally passed!!! He'd like to make the swim team at our local YMCA and he's only two levels away! It hasn't been an easy road for him, though. He's had many tears over being stuck in the same level over and over. I'm so proud of his determination to stick with it and get better. We are super proud of our boy!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend! Happy Friday, friends! ;-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh I love thee!

When the sweet people from Wayfair asked me to be a part of the #CoffeeMyWay blog campaign, I happily obliged. Me and coffee are BFF' most of you know.

I have coffee drinking rituals that started when I first got married, and I can't imagine going a day without. 
First, on a weekday, my hubby makes my coffee. Every single day. We buy "to-go" cups at Costco and I grab it off the counter as I head to work in the mornings.

One of my coffee "rules" is that I need to be sitting when I drink my coffee. I looooooveee just sipping and enjoying. If I'm forced to drink it quickly, I'm left un-satisfied and wanting a re-do. It takes about 12 minutes for me to drive to work in the morning and I usually drink about 1/2 of my coffee by that point. The other half, I drink while I'm checking emails and getting prepped for the day, sitting at my desk.
Every day, when I get home from school, I have my afternoon cup of coffee. Almost always, my girls are napping and this is my "me" time. Here is where I will explain "my drink". It's funny how much it's changed over the years. I'm trying to wean myself off of creamer, so I'm using less and less. I would LOVE to drink black coffee, if I could stand the taste. Ha! Unfortunately, I have to sacrifice calories and sugar intake because that's the only way I can drink it!

Coffee, from our house, comes from this beloved machine...the Keurig. I'm not really into fancy drinks, I like good old black coffee and some sort of creamer. And I ALWAYS have creamer! Currently, I have four different creamers in my fridge. It's sort of an obsession, if I'm being honest. I like to have a variety and I prefer not to have the same as I do in the morning. Options are good, friends!

                                                                                                                                                                    If I'm out and about, I love me some Starbucks coffee! I always order an Americano with light cream, and I switch out the flavors, seasonally. Right now, I'm doing white chocolate, but in the fall/winter, I prefer pumpkin. And if I won the lottery, I'd drink it in the morning and afternoon, every day. But, alas, I have not, so Keurig it is.

On the weekends, coffee just tastes better. Am I right?! There is something about jammies, no schedule and a cozy couch that make me love coffee! My hubby and I typically have at least two cups on Saturday and Sundays. Unless, of course, our weekend schedule doesn't allow.
What are your coffee rituals? Do you have a favorite drink? Is there something out there that I don't know about and need to try??!

Here's to the only drink that I couldn't live without.....COFFEE!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I'm super excited about this new monthly link-up with Shay, Shaeffer and Mel....
What's Up Wednesday!?


I've gotta be honest, with baseball season in full swing (haha! pun intended), my dinners have gotten much quicker and less elaborate. I actually love to cook dinner, but when we are heading out at 4:30pm most nights, and not getting home until 9pm, dinners have been anything that we can grab on the run. Lots of PB'J's, quesadillas, corn dogs, etc. Last night, I went really fancy and did boxed macaroni and cheese, cantaloupe and milk. I have a few great meals that I've done in the past couple weeks, and I'm saving another blog post for those. But, this week, we are eating quick and easy!!! Snacks are often apples and peanut butter, yogurt, granola and blueberries or good old fashion popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, or anything to grab and go!


My baby is almost TWO!!! How can that possibly be?! Two years ago, I started my bout with pre-term labor and felt like I spent as much time in the hospital as out. I prayed daily for my baby girl to stay in until she was full term, and despite 6 weeks of pre-term labor (including shots of terbutaline and prescription of Procardia), she made it!!! She came only a couple weeks early and was perfectly healthy. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that she's almost reaching the point where I can't call her my baby. She will officially reach toddler status, but because she's my last of four, I'll treat her like a baby for much, much longer!! 





Spending time with just my girls, before the boys get home from school. I had lots and lots of years of just boys (almost 4!), so it's fun to live in an all-girl world for a couple hours a day. The girls and I play dress up, do hair, put on make-up, play princess castle, read, color, grocery shop, or just cuddle on the couch. I'm soaking it all up because starting in the fall, Molly will be in preschool a couple days a week and I know life will move so quickly!


Baseball, swim lessons, toddler gym, Awana, and more baseball. Yep. That's about it.


I hate to use the word dreading, because I'm really trying to appreciate every moment with the kids, but Adam's work schedule, combined with his football practice schedule, and our other activities, makes for a pretty crazy spring. I'm going in with the "take one day at a time" mentality and hoping I survive!!!


Finishing up several of our projects around the house. I know that I'm past due in showing you pictures of our newly updated kitchen, dining room and family room. They are coming!!! I just have a few more details to add and then they will be ready to show off! I'm absolutely loving these new spaces and they are better than I even imagined. Here's a sneak peek at our family room, with our new rug. It's a long story, but this isn't the rug we ordered. Their mistake ended up being a blessing and I've grown attached to this one, more than I thought I would!


Warm weather! I know many southerners hate the heat in the summer, but up here in Washington, we LOVE our summers!!! Our temps are typically in the upper 70's/low 80's and are perfection. We pay for it with pretty wet springs, but once summer arrives....HELLO!!! 


Scandal only has two episodes left and I'm totally hooked!! Eeeekkk!! Getting good! The Good Wife is also getting really suspenseful and good! For fun, I like to DVR episodes of 19 Kids and Counting (makes me feel less crazy about my life!), House Hunters and Flip or Flop.

Image result for 19 kids and counting


I'm just about done with a Nicolas Spark's novel...The Rescue. Our next book club book, Flat Out Love, is next on my list!



Incase you've missed my posts, I'm participating in the GYPO Spring Style Challenge and I'm loving it! Here are some of the outfits I've been wearing, courtesy of Alison's great suggestions.


This weekend is full of celebration! My sweet nephew has his 1st birthday party on Saturday and then I'm throwing a baby shower for one of my very best friends, on Sunday afternoon! Her little girl will be here in less than a month, and I can't wait!!!


The birth of my friend's baby girl.
Baseball games in the sun!
Mother's Day
A four-day weekend


I'm starting a new eating/health challenge this coming month and I'm really excited to share my results with you. I quit nursing last fall, and slowly 5 lbs have crept back on. Should have nursed forever! ;-) I'm determined to lose those pesky 5 lbs and get in shape for the summer. And hey, once you publicly declare something, you can go back on your word. So there you have it!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 2: GYPO Spring Style Challenge

Week 2 of the Spring Style Challenge with Get Your Pretty On, was a fun one! I'm loving the bright cardigans, mixing patterns and the striped skirts/dresses. I love to dress, but it's really fun to put together combinations that I wouldn't have thought of, and try pieces that I never would have bought for myself.

One of the questions that's been posed on our private Facebook group, is about whether or not we could go a couple months without making any clothing purchases. (Some are going to wait until the summer style challenge). Although I think that sounds great, I'm such a deal seeker/finder, that I love to snatch something up, if I think it's a great deal. Costco is a great example of that! I suppose I could stop buying anything for the next 2-3 months, but then I feel like I'd miss out on the great deals. Is that silly? How many months could you go without buying a single thing?

This is the final week of the challenge, and I'm already getting sad about the fact that it's almost over. I really appreciate getting an email, around 4pm every day, telling me exactly what to wear, while still leaving room for some personal style. It's sure takes some wasted time out of my day!! And just incase you missed my week 1 posts, you can click on them HERE.

Next Tuesday, will be my final post in this series. Stay tuned!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week(end) highlights

If I could summarize the weekend into two words, it would be CRUD and BASEBALL. It's crazy that here we are, almost May, and my family comes down with a nasty cough/cold. My girls have had a mild version of this for the past couple weeks, but it hit our nanny on Thursday night and then me on Friday. No fun! On top of that, Jake got a nasty ear infection, that needed medical attention on Friday. Lovely. Instead of resting on the couch, like a sick person should, I spent the day, taking care of a sick boy, two tired girls and did all of the normal housework around the house.

I had to take this picture because it was just too funny. Brylie cried for a good 10 minutes because I wouldn't let her be on the countertop. I ended up putting the stools up, because that was her only way up. Seriously, she thought her world was falling apart. #toddlerproblems

By the time Brett (our only 100% healthy child) got home, the girls needed some entertainment. Brett was happy to whip up some brownies for a yummy after-school treat.

And they were happy to taste test. ;-)

Needless to say, bedtime couldn't have come early enough. Peppermint tea, a handful of doTERRA oils and a good book = my wild Friday night. #dontbetoojealous

And then Saturday and Sunday were baseball, baseball and more baseball. Jake's team (that Adam coaches), played in their first tournament. They did great, making it to the semi-final game!! It was full of two long days, but we lucked out with good weather!! It now feels like baseball season is in full swing! We've got 3 games this week....ready, or not!

Hope your weekend was great!!
I plan to put on a tank top, and attempt to soak up a little vitamin D this afternoon.
How about you??

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: TYCTWD

I'm devoting this entire blog post to my kids' favorite day of the year....

Take Your Child to Work Day.

And at the high school where I teach, they do an AMAZING job facilitating a fun, educational, inspiring and active day. Instead of our kids just sitting at our desk, listning to us teach each period (BORING!!), they have various activities happening in different classrooms and programs. It's a win/win for everyone. Our high school students get experience "teaching" our kids and our kids get to try out a ton of cool things!!

I opted not to bring Brylie because, well, let's be honest, it would have been a headache. My older three were so excited, though!!  Some of the activities offered....singing, arts & crafts, edible food projects, a woodshop project (they made periscopes!), swimming and gardening. See what I mean?! How fun is that?!

Today, Brett asked me, "mom, I want your job because this is SO MUCH FUN!!" I wish it was always that fun. And don't get me wrong, I certainly love it, but it's not always that um, interesting and exciting.

But without further ado, here are some pictures of our oh-so-fun day!


Now if this doesn't make you want to become a teacher, I don't know what will! ;-)

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