Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter weekend

I feel mixed emotions sharing this post. We had an amazing weekend. One of the best! But with that, means the end of spring break...and I'm SO not ready for that!!!
Saturday morning, our neighborhood hosted an annual Easter egg hunt. Because my biggest boy had baseball, I took the three littles and met my sister there for some hunting fun. It ended up being a little more chaotic than years past, and most of the "little" kids didn't end up with much after the big kids ran through. But, hey! We got a few cute pictures and the babies didn't seem to mind their lack of plastic eggs.

When they got home from practice, my sister took my middles over to my parent's house for some Easter crafting and Adam took my big and little for a run (yes, Jake ran over 3 miles!!!), leaving me time for a pedicure. Um, heaven.

Our afternoon consisted of some sandbox playing, some salmon baking and Easter egg dying. #perfection


Dang, being the Easter bunny to 4 kids is a lot of work!!! I try not to buy a bunch of junk for the baskets, and be thoughtful about everything I put in. My boys each got a movie and some of the other items were: football trading cards, flashlights, paint by number, glow in the dark bracelets, Go Fish!, sunflower seeds and then a variety of candy. The girls got a few arts & crafts items, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, plastic plates, crayons, jump ropes and some candy.

Before church, I made them smile before getting in the car. They weren't thrilled with having their picture taken.


After church, we met up with most of Adam's family for brunch at a beautiful little café. We've been here several times before and the food is AMAZING!!! Molly loved sitting on her Noni's lap and coloring.

Three generations. Adam is missing from this pic, but with him, it would be four.

I had to snap a picture of the boys opening their Easter bags (from their Noni). They were completely might as well have been Christmas!

We headed to my parent's house for an early dinner. My mom always does an amazing job in hosting. Look at her table! I mean, really!

The girls are lucky to have such a fun daddy!

And then their papa set up the min-golf, which was a huge hit with the kids!
Finally, an Easter egg hunt with all the kids. My mom hid equal numbers of each color, so the kids only hunted for their own. It worked out really well!

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by supportive and loving family. Holidays are stressful for some, but we feel blessed, that for us, they are some of the best days of the year.

I hope you had a blessed weekend, celebrating with the people you love the most!!


  1. What a great Easter weekend! The kiddos look so cute in their Sunday best :) So jealous of your pedicute time!
    And I must ask, where did you get the baskets/bins for the boys? Those would be perfect for Xavier's big boy room!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Those wire baskets are from Target! I bought them so we can use them for storage (and I snagged an extra few)! Go snatch them up, they are a great deal!