Monday, April 20, 2015

Names, names, names

I was really excited to see this week's topic for Andrea's "Show and Tell Tuesdays"! I looooove talking about baby names. Even though we are done having kids, I still think of "future" baby names. Yes, certifiably crazy like that.

Baby #1--Jacob Patrick ("Jake")
When I first met my husband, and found out that his middle name was Jacob, I knew that had to be the name of our firstborn son. I've always loved the name Jacob and it's also the name of my great-great grandfather. I loved that it was classic, biblical and strong. And I loved the nickname, "Jake" the best. We tossed around a couple other names, but always landed back on Jacob. It's funny, but we liked the name way before it gained popularity! It was just starting to get really popular the year he was born and went on to be one of the most popular boy names for the next decade. Interestingly, we haven't had a lot of Jake's in anything our Jake has been involved in. He's actually never had to be a Jake S. in a class yet, which is pretty crazy! His middle name is Patrick, and that was an easy choice. Patrick is my dad's name (it's actually his middle name, but he's always gone by it as his first name) and he's pretty much the best man on the planet, so naturally, we wanted to name our son after him. Adam liked that he had the option to shorten his name to JP, but that's never happened yet. ;-)

Other names we considered for Jake: Payton and Brady or Adalie and Ali

Baby #2--Brett Andrew
Brett's name was a little harder to come up with. It's funny how naming the second born is difficult because it needs to sound good with the sibling. We knew that we liked strong, masculine names for a boy. I didn't want a name that could be used as a girl name (although, I know there are a few female Brett's out there). Because our last name is hard to say, spell and pronounce, we wanted something simple that was easy to say. Flow is also important to me. My personal naming rule is that the last sound in the first name, can't be the last sound in the last name. Our last name ends in the "el" sound (as in Kyle), so it eliminated some of my favorite names, including Kyle and Rachel. They would have been tongue twisters! I'm not sure at what point we arrived at Brett's name, but I think it was pretty early on. It came up several times on the baby naming websites where you type in a siblings name. It met all of our criteria and it sounded good with Jake. We chose Andrew as the middle name because, again, it's a family name. Andrew is my brother's name and sounded perfect with Brett. I absolutely love Brett's name, every time I hear it. I've never had naming regrets with him. It's classic, but not popular at all. In fact, I don't think we've ever had a Brett that's his age, or in a class or on a team. He's the only one. ;-)

Other names we considered for Brett: the same as Jake's list for both boys and girls

Baby #3--Molly Kate
Molly is a name that we've both always loved. Adam said he's loved it since he was a young child and I have a wonderful cousin named Molly and thought her name was so perfect. It's also the name of an American Doll that I loved dearly. Molly fit our classic, timeless, easy to say and spell, etc. Done. I'm not sure when it came about, but in looking for middle names, as soon as we thought of Kate, I knew that had to be it!! It was so ridiculously adorable with Molly that I couldn't get over it. We tossed around a few female family names, but nothing seemed to fit well with Molly, nor did they flow. I had thought about Anne (my middle name) as hers, but Molly Anne, sounded a lot like Polly Anna to me, and I couldn't get over it. So, Molly Kate it was! I'm not kidding, wherever we go, people that hear us use her name, will stop us to tell us how much they love it. Especially at dr offices, the hospital or anywhere where it's called out loud. Again, not super popular (it's actually not even on the top 100 list), but timeless and classic.

Other names we considered for Molly: Kasen and Baylor or Macie and Kensie

Baby #4--Brylie Anne
Brylie. I know what you are thinking....this doesn't fit your style. And you are so right! It's funny how we landed on her name. Really, we had a list of about 12 girl names and 1 boy name. Adam was 100% on the baby being Baylor Jack if it was a boy (and we totally thought it was a boy!). Baylor is Adam's favorite boy name and he'd had it since right after Brett was born in 2008. Jack is his grandpa's name and what we would have used for a middle name. When we found out that the baby was indeed a girl, I think Adam grieved the name Baylor for a little while. He knew we would never have a Baylor. =( But, I know he was super excited at the thought of a sister for Molly, so that sadness was quickly washed away. Somehow, we had to narrow our list of 12 girl names, down to one. It was SO hard! Naming a last baby to fit the style of the others was quite the chore. If I had it my way, she would have been Claire, and the naming was over. But, Adam wasn't digging that name, no matter what I tried. So, back to the drawing board. Then, we thought about being creative and finding some names that were important to us, and try to combine them to be something special. Why not get creative with the last, right?! ;-) Adam lost his childhood best friend, in a car accident, just days before high school graduation. (His name was Brian). Then, we took Adam's mom's middle name (Lee) and played around with them. Brilee! I loved the sound, but when I looked at it, it reminded me of a Brilo pad. Is that weird?! I couldn't get over it and didn't feel like it looked like a pretty name. After some changing of spelling, we came up with Brylie. Much better! We were finally able to use Anne and I thought they went really well together...Brylie Anne. I'm absolutely in love with her name and it's uniqueness. Does it fit the same style as the others? Probably not. But, it's funny how it all seems to fit after saying it for years, now.

Other names we considered for Brylie: Baylor Jack (for sure was our name). Here were the real contenders on our girl list: Claire, Hadley, Harper, Lucy, Lila, Macie, Sadie, Kensie
I love talking about and hearing about baby names!! Please share about yours or your future babies!!! One of my best friends is due with a baby girl in a few weeks (hi Melissa!) and I've been hounding her to narrow down her darn names. See what I mean?! So demanding around here! What are your favorites? If you had to name another boy or girl, what would it be??


  1. I had such a hard time with #4 too....I had so many names I loved.

  2. Oh so fun! I have a good friend named Molly Kate, and I just LOVE that name. Such a sweet name for a girl. All your kiddos have awesome names :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  3. I still daydream about names for future kiddos even though I quite possibly done after one :( Holding out hope still! I have always loved the name Jacob, and so wanted a Jake until I met Mic and his unique wish list! lol!
    Some of faves now are: Kaia or Riley for girls and London or Lincoln for a boy :)

  4. Baby names are so much fun!
    My baby name post: