Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"The Sickness"

I'm excited to share another post from my friend, Kyle. Remember the guest blogger that I had a couple weeks ago? His stuff is too funny (and real) not to share! And his wife hasn't given birth yet, but we are officially on baby watch. I saw her tonight and she still looks great! That's just not fair. At 9 months pregnant, great is not a word that would have ever described me. For real.
“The Sickness”

I had a friend compare the difference between the male and female role during pregnancy.  He asked his wife “Who would you rather be in this situation? The person who has the flu or the person who has to take care of the person with the flu?”  I know this compares our young fetus’ to a type of infection, but if you really think about it…never mind.

This has been particularly pertinent in my household at this point, because not only is my wife “sick,” but she also has a terrible cold.  The type of cold that requires a mass exodus of phlegm each morning.  One morning as I lay dreaming of Sofia Vergara complimenting me while serving me a Corona with lime on the beach, I was awoke by the phlegm dragon in the bathroom.  Since my plan of sweeping Sofia off her feet was interrupted, I got my morning started.   As I joined my wife in the bathroom I thought it would be prudent to ask if she knew of a cold medication that was safe for her to take during pregnancy.  “Nope.” I caught between hacks.  “I wonder if you are allowed to take Mucinex to help loosen that junk up.” I prodded. “I don’t know,” she was getting annoyed.  So, I pressed once more.  “Maybe you could text the doctor to find out.” Strategically, from my perspective I was only using deductive reasoning to determine the best course of action.  However, strategically, I should have considered my audience.  “I am getting all of the phlegm up without medication. Why would spend the time to bug the doctor if I don’t need meds?” She snapped. Being the man that I am I must stand up for my pride or if nothing else solidify my stupidity.  I told my wife that “she didn’t need to be so confrontational with me, when I was just trying to help.”  When she apologized and confessed “she didn’t intend to be confrontational,” that should have been the end of it, but remember…stupid.  “I know you don’t intend on being confrontational, you just are.”  I was fed up and had blown my top.  

There was no right or wrong in this argument.  We were both frustrated with each of our own situations and neither were going to relent.  But, vindication came in the form of a text from our doctor confirming that indeed she could take Tylenol Cold and Sinus. I had sent a message to our doctor asking the question about pregnancy safe medication myself.  So, I briefly mentioned the doctor’s note regarding her cold.  But, my wife was not interested in listening to solutions, even if they served her interest.  So, with nothing else said, we both finished our morning routines and went our separate ways without resolution.

Pregnant women do not like hearing that they are irrational, moody or short tempered, though they may apologize later for their hormonal attitude swings.  With that consideration, if a pregnant woman is not interested in advice, help or suggestions, it is better not to offer.  As a man however, it is our duty to ensure she and your future child is taken care of.  She wants you to take care of her, even if she doesn’t admit it.  How do I know?  The new box of Tylenol Cold and Sinus on the counter told me.


  1. Oh why do men just not leave be during pregnancy? Luckily I never got sick while I was pregnant, but my husband did not understand at all how I was feeling. Even when I told him I was totally irrational and to just understand that, he still prodded.
    Thanks for sharing on the Shine Blog Hop!

  2. Sofia Vergara and a corona lol to funny. .your awesome. ..