Monday, April 6, 2015


Today, I'm joining Andrea, from Momfessionals, to share my favorite vacations. Ohhhhh my goodness. Where do I start?! We've taken so many amazing vacations over the years, and it's really hard to choose just one. Our honeymoon would be one of the top, for sure! We took a Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans and were there over New Years Eve. SO MUCH FUN. We've also done a several other cruises that were a blast! In fact, our Alaskan cruise, out of Vancouver BC was amazing!! I didn't realize how much I'd like cruising to a cold climate, but the views were breathtaking. Puerto Vallarta and Cabo are two of my favorite Mexican destinations. And snorkeling in Honduras was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Our family trip to Disneyworld was another highlight. It's too bad digital photography didn't exist during these times, because I'd love to share pictures from many of these places, but I'd be digging in back bins of the garage to find developed (and probably dark and out of focus) pictures. Sorry bout that. ;-) Washington DC, New York, Montana and Texas, round out some of the best.

My more recent favorites would be Disneyland, Las Vegas, Arizona and Hawaii. Remember, we just spent two weeks there over winter break and I spammed my blog with picture updates?! ;-)
I dug up some old pictures, sometimes from the same destination over the years. This first set is from Silverwood. One of our very favorite vacation places and it's only a 5 hour (or so) drive from home. Located just outside of Coeur d'Alene, ID.

This was our very first trip when Brett was just 6 months old. The chunks and rolls are killing me!!!

And more pictures over the years. So crazy how the boys get so much bigger each year. They were the cutest!! Ahhh.


They are definitely getting bigger over time.

This little cutie is my Molly Kate. Can you believe it?! We actually left Brylie at home (with my parents) while we went last year, because it was way too hot for a 13 month old.

And a couple from this past summer.

Oh, Disneyland. I love you!

And I sure do miss these little boys!

Poor Jake was so tired, he fell asleep in light. Sometimes I wish could do this! 

We've taken 4 or 5 trips. This last picture was a year ago. Such a great trip with just our boys!

And finally, I took the girls to Disney with my family, last September. Great memories!!!

Lincoln City, OR did not disappoint. We traveled with 5 families and had so much fun, last summer!
 Another great trip to Arizona with some of my favorite friends.

My mom, sister and I traveled to Phoenix for my 30th birthday. Hard to believe this was 4.5 years ago.

We took a week long road trip to Montana, to celebrate Adam's brother's wedding back in 2008. It is seriously, one of the most beautiful states.
Another favorite was traveling to Fargo, ND for a wedding. They had a fun sign with all the names of the states that were represented.
We've taken many trips to Las Vegas over the past 12 years.

And a total favorite when our boys were little...San Diego.

Hawaii. You might be our very favorite! We've taken 7 trips. This was one with just the two of us for one of our best friends' weddings. We stayed at the Westin on Kaanipali. Stay there, if you can!!

A trip to Kaua'i with 23 people. WHAT A BLAST!!

And finally, this past December in Maui.

I really wish I had pictures to share, from all of our vacations, but it was fun just going through these. We love to vacation...I'd venture to say it's probably our very favorite family activity. We've already started to plan this summer and the next.
Where do you love to vacation? Anything we should try with the kids??
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  1. You guys have hit some of my favorite spots! The kids look like they are always having a blast!

    1. They sure are! My kids love vacations almost as much as I do! ;-)

  2. These look like wonderful trips! Can you believe I have never been to Disney? Florida or Cali! Crazy! I am impatiently waiting to go! lol! Mic doesn't want to take Xavier until he is old enough to understand/ride on everything/etc. UGH! I want a me a trip! lol!

    1. Oh my goodness, you've got to go! Xavier will LOVE it!