Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 2: GYPO Spring Style Challenge

Week 2 of the Spring Style Challenge with Get Your Pretty On, was a fun one! I'm loving the bright cardigans, mixing patterns and the striped skirts/dresses. I love to dress, but it's really fun to put together combinations that I wouldn't have thought of, and try pieces that I never would have bought for myself.

One of the questions that's been posed on our private Facebook group, is about whether or not we could go a couple months without making any clothing purchases. (Some are going to wait until the summer style challenge). Although I think that sounds great, I'm such a deal seeker/finder, that I love to snatch something up, if I think it's a great deal. Costco is a great example of that! I suppose I could stop buying anything for the next 2-3 months, but then I feel like I'd miss out on the great deals. Is that silly? How many months could you go without buying a single thing?

This is the final week of the challenge, and I'm already getting sad about the fact that it's almost over. I really appreciate getting an email, around 4pm every day, telling me exactly what to wear, while still leaving room for some personal style. It's sure takes some wasted time out of my day!! And just incase you missed my week 1 posts, you can click on them HERE.

Next Tuesday, will be my final post in this series. Stay tuned!



  1. Kelly you seriously look great in all of the outfits! You are rockin' the striped dress too! :)

  2. You look adorable! I so struggle with restraining from purchasing....I'm always thinking the same way when I see a great deal.

  3. All of these outfits are super cute! My favorite is the striped dress!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I love stripes and can never resist adding to my growing collection of tops and dresses! Lovely outfits and styling:)

  5. Hi Kelly, I am Ada. So glad I found your blog today through the link-up. Your style is so casually-chic which I love. So many cute, out-together and nice outfits perfect for a mom on the go, like you and I. You look great in stripes. =)

    I welcome you yo check out my blog as well. Thanks, Ada. =)

  6. I always love your style and these looks are all super cute on you. Hard to choose a favorite but I think the maxi skirt is so fun.

  7. Love your striped dress and scarf. I've been trying to decide if I could do the spending freeze, and I'm thinking I'll do more of a "frost." I better absolutely love the item or need it to fill a major gap in my wardrobe before I buy it.