Sunday, April 19, 2015

Whew. The weekend.

Oh boy. You know it's been a long, busy weekend, when you are ready for bed at 8:44pm on a Sunday night.

But, I can't complain because it's been a really FUN weekend! Friday, we took our kids to the state fair. The "big" fair is in September, but they do a quick 4-day weekend in the spring that's fun for the kiddos. My mom and sister bravely took all 6 kids early in the afternoon, and then we met them there after work. Things can be summed up in rides, food, rides, animals, rides, and more food. Brett had a minor meltdown at the end, when he wanted just one more ride and he'd used his all up. And by minor, I mean a full on cryfest that included Adam hauling all 70+ lbs of him, up over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes, out to the car while the whole world was watching.
#justbeingreal #lifewith4kids

Sometimes being a parent is a pretty humbling experience.


Saturday was a beaaaautiful day, so we sent the kids outside and made them stay there! I'm serious. They HAVE to play outside unless they have a broken limb or are bleeding. We got some cleaning and party prep done and finished errands.
In the afternoon, I took the 3 littles to a cute birthday party for a sweet 2-year old boy. (He's betrothed to Brylie). #sorryfellasshestaken

Saturday night was date night! We got a babysitter and had a wild night at the football auction for the hubby's football team. Well, it wasn't exactly wild, but it was really fun!

Finally, Sunday, was Jake's birthday party. I'm planning to do a whole post on it, but a couple sneak peek pictures. Starting with this one of Jake and me. I can hardly believe how old he is and that I can fit into his jerseys! I mean, hey, if I can't share clothes with my daughters yet, my sons will have to do! ;-)

 The party was at a local high school (where the hubby coaches football). The boys had the BEST time playing football and hanging out with each other. Lots more pictures and details coming soon!


  1. Such a busy but fun weekend! Your fair pictures made me really miss the fair I grew up going to!

  2. What a wonderful weekend!! I haven't been to the fair in years and this post makes me miss them! Can't wait to hear about his birthday party!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I love that you make your kids play outside. Fairs are always a great time. I'm pretty sure there is nothing better than fair food ha. Your family is so gorgeous! Have a great Monday!

  4. Such cute photos of the kids! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh what a beautiful family and what a fun weekend! Makes me miss when my boys were younger but hey they are still fun as teenagers too! :-) just stumbled across your blog and it is very sweet. Happy Monday!

  6. Looking at your fair pictures makes it feel like summer! Too fun!