Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A HUSKY football party

Last month, we threw a birthday party for our biggest boy. And, no surprise, he picked a husky football party for the 3439159 year in a row. Seriously, I hope his friends don't mind playing football and a whole lot of purple and gold, because Jake begs for it every year! If you have a little boy (or girl!) who loves to play sports, using a high school facility is a great option! We completely lucked out with weather this year. April can be unpredictable, but sunny skies and temps in the mid-70's was absolute perfection. Really, it couldn't have been better!

Jake invited his best buddies...a combo of kids from the neighborhood, class, and several of his sports teams. They had a ball!

Here are some of the details, that seemed to work well. First, the party favors. I don't know about you, but over the years, we've had a wide variety of favors. Typically, the plastic little toys get tossed, and the boatloads of candy just causes hyperactivity (which is not needed after cake from the party! Am I right, moms?!). I found this great cups at PartyCity and filled them with a pack of gum, a pack of baseball trading cards, Big League chew gum, and one full sized candy bar. This way, the kids have a way of taking their favors home, and the cups can be re-used in the kitchen. Win!

For food, I cut back this year. Last year, with the same party, I did all of this food AND 10 pizzas. Turns out that the boys are much more interested in playing football than eating food. We had SO much food leftover! Instead, this year, we planned the party for after lunch and just did a bunch of snacks. I tried to keep it somewhat healthy, since they were all very active. But, I wanted the kids to be excited about the choices, as well.
This is a bucket I found at PartyCity, as well. I filled it with granola bars.
My handsome birthday boy.

You can see in the pictures, I also did oranges, grapes, doritos, snack mix and football shaped brownies (made by my mom)! We filled the ice chest with water bottles and full sized gatorades.

The party was run, mostly by my husband. #perksofmarryingafootballcoach. But, in addition, he had three of his high school players come to put on a clinic. We had stations set up around the field and we broke the kids up into smaller teams as they rotated through the stations.

Once stations were done, we put pinnies on the kids and had a big scrimmage. This is always Jake's part, and I think it's a highlight for all the kids. I couldn't believe how serious they all took this. Even Adam was serious in his coaching.

Jake invited his little cousin, Isaac, to the party. I'm pretty sure Isaac had more fun than anyone! And it was super cute to watch the big boys include him in the games. At one point, they gave him the ball and let him run it in for a touchdown. I may or may not have had tears in my eyes!
And Brett even agreed to playing football today, for the love of his brother. That's true brotherly love right there!

What a good looking group of boys! We are blessed and incredibly thankful that Jake has such an amazing group of friends. What is especially important is all of their families. It really does take a village, and we totally have that here!

Blurry, but too funny not to share!

Presents and cake opening can be done right next to the field. My sister made this adorable football cupcake cake, which was quickly devoured!

Molly wasn't having anything to do with a family picture!

My sister and her cute little family!

And one last idea for anyone throwing a sports-related party. Take a group/"team" picture at the end, have duplicates made, and then use it as a thank-you card. Jake just handwrote on the back of all of them. It's a fun alternative to the traditional thank-you card, and it can be hung on a wall or fridge to help them remember the party!

Bottom line, there are a ton of great options for sports parties! For those of you who have thrown one before, are there any tips or tricks that I'm missing out on, or that I forgot to list?!

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