Sunday, May 3, 2015

A weekend of celebration!

Every Sunday night, I sit down to re-cap my weekend and say something about how busy it was. Well, this weekend was no different, but I want to make sure that I'm clear when I say that busy is good! Busy isn't hard, or stressful, it's just life. And we are all busy! I wouldn't change that for anything.
Friday, I had a shorter than normal day, due to the state testing schedule. Because of this, I got to take my big girl to her first day at her new preschool. I can't begin to describe her excitement about this big day. The girl has been ready for preschool since the day she was born, I think. ;-) Because she is home with me or our nanny, all day, I'm excited for her to have to listen to, someone new to learn to follow directions, play with kids who aren't cousins or close friends, learn to cooperate, and most importantly, have an opportunity for play. Something that I think is super important. She loved going with her cousin, Isaac.

After dropping the kiddos at preschool, my sister and I took our "babies" for some last minute party shopping. Funny sister and I dressed the same and our babies were dressed the same, as well. #greatminds. Naturally, we had to document.

Friday night, I had that moment of panic, where you feel like you are forgetting something, so I laid out all of the d├ęcor for the baby shower I was throwing on Sunday.

And because a baby shower isn't enough celebrating for the weekend, we started off with the cutest Cinco deMayo 1st birthday party for my nephew. He was actually born on May 5th, so it was the perfect theme! My sister did an amazing job...seriously, it couldn't have been cuter!

And I'm quite certain that my sister and nephew couldn't get any cuter, either.

While we were cleaning up, after the party, I looked over and Brylie was snuggling my brother. I had to snap a pic, because, really. Is that not so sweet?!

Sunday was the big day. Baby shower day! One of my very best friends, who lost her baby boy during birth last year, is due with her second baby....a little girl. We threw her a baby shower and the weather cooperated perfectly. I have lots of details to share, but am wwaaaaayyy to tired tonight! Check back, soon! Here is a little sneak peek.....

And finally, one last celebration. Because two in one weekend, just isn't enough! We celebrated my parent's 61st birthdays tonight! Can you believe they were both born on the same day of the same year?! My mom is older by just a few hours and she likes to remind my dad of that every year. ;-)

We soaked up the beautiful May weather and spent most of the evening, outdoors.

Here they are, with all six grandchildren! Happy birthday to my most amazing parents. They bless us with their selflessness, grace, and love, every single day. There are no better!!!

And that's a wrap!! This overtired, over-sugared mama, is headed to bed.
I hope your weekend was amazing, too! XOXO


  1. How cute is all that baby shower decor?! Love every detail. Sounds like you had quite a week! Hope this week is awesome, too!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kelly! What a gorgeous baby shower - I am sure your friend feels so lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful host! :) Thanks so much for linking up for Mingle Monday! Don't forget to leave a comment on the post when you participate - I would love to hear your answer to the weekly question! :)

  3. I am in LOVE with the glitter "BABY" letters! So cute!

  4. This sounds like such a fun, but yes, busy, weekend! So many things to celebrate! I love that you and your sister and your kiddos coordinated accidentally :) What precious little ones!
    I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  5. Hey there, stopping by from the Monday Madness link-up! Wow what a full weekend of fun and celebrating! I LOVE the decor you did for the baby shower, so darling! So cute that you and your sister and your babies matched for your shopping trip! :)

  6. Both parties look super fun! The kiddos are really cute. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. I love all of the decorations that you put together for the baby shower! Gold and pink will never fail!